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2018 Scrum

From the Frank Riggs campaign

Cave Creek, AZ – Former Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Senator, and current Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum will travel to Arizona on Sunday, April 6 to announce his endorsement of Frank Riggs for Governor.

“Rick Santorum and I share a special bond. As newly elected Congressmen, we exposed the House Bank and Post Office abuses and reformed Congress. He is a principled conservative leader who has consistently demonstrated his core pro-life, pro-family beliefs I share. Both Rick and I are advocates for constitutionally limited government and oppose Common Core and Obamacare's Medicaid expansion as an infringement upon state responsibility for K-12 education and indigent health care,” said Riggs.

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SCOTTSDALE (Wednesday, April 2, 2014) – Scottsdale City Councilman Bob Littlefield is pleased to announce the endorsement from Former State Senator Carolyn Allen of his bid for the Arizona House in District 23. Senator Allen joins a growing list of supporters for the Littlefield campaign, including:

• Paradise Valley Vice Mayor Michael Collins
• Former Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes
• Former Scottsdale City Councilwoman Marg Nelssen
• Scottsdale City Councilmember Guy Phillips
• Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley
• Former Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board Member Christine Schild

More information is available on Littlefield’s web site at


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From the Hugh Hallman Campaign

April 2, 2014

McCain Praises Hallman’s Record of Fiscal Responsibility, Commitment to Conservative Causes. hallman pic

U.S. Senator John McCain has endorsed Hugh Hallman to serve as the next Arizona State Treasurer.

Senator McCain, one of the leading figures in the Republican Party and one of the most recognized Republican leaders in the country, said Hallman’s long track record as a proud Republican and an advocate for fiscal responsibility make him the clear choice in the race.

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News release from Scottsdale City Council Candidate Jennifer Petersen:

When Scottsdale voters failed to pass the Scottsdale Unified School District Override elections over the past two years, it created significant challenges for our school district.

Some voters may have voted against the overrides thinking that nothing would really change; however, by voting no or not voting at all, it has caused painful cuts that affect students and teachers. The SUSD board was forced to close Tonalea and move all of its students to the Oak campus.

As a member of SUSD's governing board from 2004-2012, it saddens me whenever our students are impacted by the harsh realities of today's economy. However, I believe in the opportunity of adversity. And now, as a candidate for Scottsdale City Council, I recognize the inherent opportunity for SUSD to partner with the City of Scottsdale to repurpose the Tonalea property into a positive community asset.

There is a better solution than simply shuttering and fencing the property and waiting to sell to the highest bidder. We need vision, partnership and cooperation between the district and the City to determine how we might transform this building to improve the quality of life of Scottsdale residents.

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PHOENIX (Tuesday, April 1, 2014) – Former Vice Mayor and Councilwoman for the Town of Paradise Valley Mary Hamway announced the endorsement from Republican Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith in her bid for the Arizona House in District 28. Bitter Smith, a native Arizonan and former member of the Scottsdale City Council, was elected to the Corporation Commission in November 2012.

Bitter Smith's endorsement adds to the growing list of supporters for the Hamway campaign, which over the past 40 days has announced endorsements from eight Republican Mayors and five Republican council members.

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From the Jeff Schwartz Campaign

Jeff Schwartz calls on John Kavanagh to return or refuse campaign donations from lobbyist, and their clients, pushing for Private Business Profit Guarantees

SCOTTSDALE (March 31, 2014): Citing kids in failing schools with crowded classrooms and continuing issues for Child Protective Services, Republican candidate for Senate in LD 23, Jeff Schwartz, is calling on candidate and current Representative John Kavanagh to identify who lobbied him for a last minute budget insert of one million dollars to guarantee profits for private prisons. He also challenged Kavanagh to refuse campaign contributions from those lobbyists and prison executives for his upcoming election. "This last minute rush to appropriate a million dollars that the Department of Corrections did not even ask for calls for transparency and explanation."

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