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2018 Scrum

I am proud to announce that Desert Preservationist and McDowell Sonoran Land Trust Founder Jane Rau has endorsed me for Scottsdale City Council. Jane wants people on the City Council who can be trusted to not break faith with the voters on issues such as completing the Preserve, which Scottsdale residents have approved at the ballot box seven times! I am committed to following the direction of the voters – your priorities will be my priorities!

I am very pleased to have someone with Jane’s record of service to Scottsdale helping me in my quest to be Your Voice On City Council.

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When it comes to the governor's race, Doug Ducey is the best candidate who truly represents the spirit of Arizona's business community.

Doug is a‎ proven leader with an executive background and conservative heart. He knows what it takes to improve the state's economy, create jobs and reform‎ our education system and will make it his mission to streamline government programs and safeguard Arizona from federal government overreach.

He's my choice for governor, and I encourage my fellow business leaders to join me in supporting his campaign.



Jerry Colangelo


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An impartial, nonpartisan judge announced this week that the campaign finance allegations against me were without merit and I was cleared of all charges.

Many people advised me to settle, and while that may have been the politically correct thing to do, I could not, in good conscience, admit to something that I did not do.

I’m disappointed by the biased coverage by the liberal media in this case. It’s clear that they were more interested in crucifying me than reporting the facts. As proof of this I point to the many front page stories that essentially announced my guilt, with headlines more appropriate to another Pearl Harbor attack. And even after I won, the Republic chose to write an editorial that made it sound like I lost, so deaf are they to facts.

To my primary and general election opponents I say this: I hope you’re ready because despite all of your tawdry attempts at character assassination, I have never stopped protecting Arizonans.

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mccain hallman

A Message From Senator John McCain

Dear Friend:

Arizona is at an important crossroads. It’s critical that we have strong, conservative leadership at the statewide level to help improve our economy and enable us to achieve our best possible future.

The Arizona State Treasurer can serve a crucial role in our State’s position in the country. We need someone committed to fiscal responsibility to manage our tax dollars and our state’s investments, and someone with a respected public profile. There’s only one responsible, conservative choice in the upcoming election.

I strongly encourage you to support Hugh Hallman, a lifelong conservative Republican and the distinguished former Mayor of Tempe. Hugh has shown a strong commitment to limited government, and ensuring the services government does provide are done in an efficient, effective way. He has been an advocate for conservative causes his whole life, and is an ideal candidate to serve us as our State Treasurer.

I hope you will consider supporting Hugh as well, and I ask you to take a moment and make a contribution to his campaign at the link below.

Thank you for your consideration, and please remember to support Hugh Hallman for State Treasurer in the upcoming Republican primary election.


John McCain
United States Senator


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From the David Smith Campaign:

David Smith has declared his candidacy for the Scottsdale City Council in elections to be held this fall. We believe David has the financial expertise, integrity and love of Scottsdale to make an extraordinary councilman! david smith

For more than 20 years, David and his wife, Diana, have been active members of our Scottsdale community. David’s outstanding career has included positions as Chief financial officer of the Tennessee Valley Authority, Chief Financial Officer of AMTRAK- and most relevant of his candidacy- Scottsdale’s first council appointed City Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer. In that role David transitioned our city to a new voter-approved form of governance with the financial hallmarks of independence, transparency, integrity, and sound financial policies.

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WHO: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett
WHAT: Ken Bennett will file his nomination paperwork to run for governor
WHEN: Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 1:00 p.m.
WHERE: State Capitol Executive Tower, 1700 W. Washington Street, 7th Floor, Phoenix


Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, will file his nominating petitions and Clean Elections Qualifying Contributions to run for governor of Arizona on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. at the Arizona Secretary of State’s office.

It is expected that he will be the first gubernatorial candidate formally file his petitions and qualify for the ballot.


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