Great Tournament. Bad Fashion.

It would be like wearing Dockers to the prom. Or a wedding dress to UFC. Or a Toga to a golf tournament. Shouldn’t the ororganizers of the world’s most attended golf tournament have outfits a bit more stylish than something Jar Jar Binks might wear to a Bee Gees Party? The Master’s has green jackets. The Fiesta Bowl yellow ones. … Read More

All Hail Gordon James!

Can you imagine Arizona conservatives shouting such? It would be quite a turn of events after James’ wife and former John Shadegg staffer Lisa James attempted not once but twice in previous cycles to seize the Arizona Republican Party chairmanship for moderates. James lost but couple’s commitment to a leftward tilt for their party remained. No matter one’s Republican politics … Read More

In Defense of the Suburbs

When did suburbia become a dirty word? It must have been some time ago because people have been bashing the suburbs and the people who live there for decades. It’s fashionable to sneer, snicker, and sanctimoniously prattle on about how the suburbs lack diversity and culture; how they cause sprawl; and how they are bad for the environment. I’ve had … Read More

Everybody's a Little Gay

We dislike politicians because we think they’re hypocritical. We think they’re takers and that there is always a hidden motive behind their actions. But what is the motive behind fighting against equality and then being serviced in a public bathroom by a Craigslist secret lover? Later, going home to your wife and children and complaining that your wife, along with … Read More

I Probably Agree With Your Bumper Sticker, but 90 Make You Look Crazy

Little offends me more than a Prius with the bumper sticker, “OBAMA: 2008”. It’s not “cool vintage” like your Billy Idol cassette tape. It reminds me of milk that has expired. Or wearing white heels after Labor Day. And although the Coexist bumper sticker makes you look like a Whole Foods shopping hippie, what REALLY grinds my gears… is when … Read More

Business vs. Beyonce

Hey Millennials, Wake the Expletive Up! If Obama were Kenny G, we’d be that luscious sax, and we’re being played. Hard. It started with the hip campaign posters. Hope. Change. It looked like the kind of graffiti you’d see on Skid Row when you missed a turn or three in Downtown LA. So edgy. So unexpected for a Presidential Candidate! Then … Read More