Guest Editorial: I’m announcing my re-election campaign

By Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Since you elected me as your mayor five years ago, we’ve worked to make Phoenix the city of the future— and a great place where families can thrive for generations to come. Together, we’ve delivered. We’ve strengthened our local economy with a $65 billion investment that will make Phoenix the semiconductor capital of the nation, … Read More

The Democratic Exodus from the State Legislature Continues

Remind us if you’ve heard this story before: a Democrat legislator in Arizona leaves their seat, thus providing an opening for someone else to take their place and further upending the caucus. If it sounds common, it’s because it had happened a stunning five times already in this legislative session. Now it’s six, as Representative Marcelino Quinonez announced his resignation … Read More

Beloved Phoenix Venue Closing Down: What Happened?

Our area is a growing one, and while there is always some turnover in the hospitality industry we have largely had the pleasure of having many new and exciting options for eating and drinking. Every once in a while a fantastic and promising option that seems like it’s bound to stay fails however, and it leads us to scratch our … Read More

Speakers’ Corner: Dr. Warren Stewart Sr.

This is a place where free speech and public debate are welcomed and encouraged. The Speakers’ Corner originated in the mid-19th century at London’s Hyde Park. The concept spread worldwide both physically and now virtually. Here at the Arizona Progress & Gazette, we are presenting this platform in the form of question-and-answer style interviews with people who have had a … Read More

March 2024: Art Detour returns as an Invitation to Define ‘Your Life’s Style’ and Attend the Arts and Culture Party of the Year: The Art d’Core Gala Hosted by Partner Venue Phoenix Art Museum on Saturday, March 16th

Attention art lovers! Artlink, the non-profit credited with establishing Downtown Phoenix’s amazing First Fridays and the organization responsible for connecting artists and businesses to the community is thrilled to announce the month-long celebration of Art Detour, which celebrates its 36th year from March 1st – March 31st. Art Detour invites the public to enjoy impromptu excursions or plan a customized “Artinerary” of cultural discovery that defines their life’s … Read More

Councilmembers at Odds Over New Apartment Development

By Jessica Perez It comes as no shock that Arizona’s house prices and rents have escalated significantly over the past few years, making the need for affordable housing more apparent than ever. Devco Residential Group is striving to address this need by introducing a multifamily residential complex in West Phoenix with 112 apartments falling under the low-income housing tax credit … Read More

A Big Thank You In the Wake of a Bigger Milestone: 100,000 Readers for the Year

Readers, typically we are hard at work delivering unique takes on local stories, typically around the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area but also topics that impact all of us. We very rarely take a minute for a victory lap and thank you for your readership, but sometimes the moment calls for it. Over the weekend, the Arizona Progress & Gazette … Read More

Social Justice Concerns Potentially Leading to More Law Enforcement in Phoenix?

By Jessica Perez Over the last few years our roads have become more dangerous than ever before. While the state of Arizona continues to grow, so does the number of car accidents. Shortsighted solutions like the implementation of ticketing cameras have been discussed. Still, is the lack of police officers in traffic enforcement departments one of the causes to our … Read More