Peoria Rising: Is It the Next Recreation Destination?

Peoria Mayor Jason Beck

In this blog we often talk about Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and sometimes a few other cities on occasion when they make moves that impress us. One city we don’t often talk about is Peoria, but a recent development indicates that they are pushing themselves into that conversation.

The Peoria City Council recently voted in favor of a couple new projects; one is a new location of an easy valley-based BBQ joint, but the other more noteworthy one is Jefferson House, a west valley version of The Churchill, a vibrant and engaging complex near downtown Phoenix devoted to independent food and drink vendors along with retail. Anyone who has been at The Churchill knows how cool of a concept it is, and how it is highly likely to become a destination for many in the west valley.

Also, pairing with this is news that an airport in Peoria is moving forward, and it’s now quite evident that something special is happening over there. So not only are world-class entertainment options starting to populate the city, but now you won’t even have to drive all the way across the valley after flying in.

So why Peoria? Becoming a destination spot starts and ends with good leadership at the municipal level, and few are better than Mayor Jason Beck. He is a man who understands the importance of not standing in the way of good projects, of making bold moves and working collaboratively. It helps to have a city council that is largely on the same page, but the leadership clearly resonates from the top.

Also, it simply makes sense…population growth in the west valley has been amongst the most robust in the country. Much of the rest of the area may be going through an affordability crisis, but much of the west still offers an attainable American Dream. Few want to drive from there to Scottsdale or Tempe on a Friday night to partake in some fun, so it is logical that one city rise up and provide commensurate entertainment options. Peoria’s leadership had the foresight to take that bull by the horns.

We must give credit to Mayor Beck and the rest of the council for making great moves and acting decisively to put their city on a pedestal. They are proving themselves to be forward-thinking and in tune with the desires of their constituency, and will no doubt reap the rewards.