Arizona State Needs to Innovate its Way Out of a Serious Revenue Issue

Arizona State University has been very good at marketing itself. Surely you have seen the moniker “America’s most innovative university”, and in some ways they have moved past their MO of being a pure party school as a result. But a new report uncovers one very serious deficiency that will soon demand that spirit of innovation. Arizona State’s sports departments … Read More

Vestar and Arizona State University Partner to Launch First-ever ‘Cool Pavement Project’ at a Commercial Shopping Center

As Industry Leaders in Sustainability, Vestar Continues to Push Boundaries with its Proprietary GreenStar Program Vestar, one of the leading privately held shopping center owners and managers in the western United States, has joined forces with Arizona State University’s (ASU) Southwest Integrated Field Laboratory (SW-IFL) to launch the first-ever ‘Cool Pavement Project’ at a commercial retail center. The partnership comes … Read More

Reversing Climate Change Locally – Scottsdale Looks to Make City Cooler

Let’s be honest: in the midst of worsening climate change, Maricopa County might not be the ideal place to be. We have spoken at length about the worsening water crisis perpetuated by the current megadrought; combine that with the fact that 110 degree days in the summer are already difficult enough, and it starts to turn into an existential crisis … Read More