Three Candidates Vying for Mayor of Paradise Valley

April 1st was the deadline for political candidates to submit their nominating petitions full of signatures in order to qualify to be on the ballot. As such, that day provided clarity as to the interesting face-offs that will await us in the upcoming election. And a very interesting showdown is lining up in the race to be the next mayor … Read More

Guest Editorial: Entering My Next Chapter

By Paradise Valley Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner Dear Fellow Paradise Valley Resident: With election season starting, many of you have inquired about my plans. After careful consideration and despite ample encouragement, I’ve decided not to seek re-election for a fourth term as Paradise Valley’s mayor. I would like to share with you the reasoning behind this choice. Leading our beloved community … Read More

An Important Inflection Point In Paradise Valley

Beneath Paradise Valley, one of the greatest small towns in America, lies political acrimony.  It’s surprising.  In a community where so many are happy with its direction those who serve and help make it so are often at each other’s throats. Much of this in recent times was caused by council cancer Paul Dembow.  He had a terrible relationship with Councilman  Mark Stanton, was … Read More

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…Still

Political street signs are one of the most prevalent forms of political advertising, and simultaneously one of the most obnoxious. For half a year every high-traffic corner in the county turns into an arms race to see who can get the best placement, and as a result as many as a dozen signs crowd out every free square foot of … Read More

Paradise Valley’s Long Nightmare is Over: Paul Dembow is Out

In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”. It took 12 years worth of arc, but Paradise Valley finally found its justice in the form of a thorough electoral spanking. After three terms as Town Councilman, Paul Dembow lost his bid for a fourth term, and … Read More

Sparks are Starting to Fly in Paradise Valley Race as Accusations Fly

Things certainly seem to be heating up in the race for Paradise Valley Mayor between incumbent Jerry Bien-Willner and current Councilmember Julie Pace. As we get towards the finish line (there will not be a run-off after the August 2nd race) things have gotten a bit testy, with significant accusations from Pace and shots back from Bien-Willner. The current ruckus … Read More

We Have a Race for Paradise Valley Mayor: Pace vs Bien-Willner

Paradise Valley politics have often been relatively similar to the nature of the town itself; a bit sleepy, not too much excitement happening (save a cross being stolen), just how its residents prefer. But that may be changing this year, as not only will we have competitive Town Council races, but it also looks like we will have a Mayoral … Read More