Can We Finally Be Done With This?

By Alexander Lomax Here we go again…Kari Lake manages to get in the news again. Lovely. To give some added context, the ongoing embarrassment that is Lake’s election denialism has been nearly completely smacked down in the courts (courts which have been largely packed by Doug Ducey, i.e. not exactly leftist ideologues) but the most recent judgment left one little … Read More

Governor Hobbs’s Internal Crisis: Alienating Her Own Just to Pass a Budget

Photo Credit: Time MagazineBudget time at the Arizona Capitol is always an interesting place to be, but perhaps no more so than now. It had already been a rough month or so for Governor Katie Hobbs (get up to date here), but the budget negotiations (or relative lack thereof) look like they will make “tamale-gate” look like a walk in … Read More

The Delicate Dance Continues: GOP Learning How to Work with Gov. Hobbs

Governor Katie Hobbs has had a relatively tumultuous short reign in the 9th floor; facing GOP majorities in both the state House and the state Senate, her powers have largely been limited to her veto pen, which she has used to an unprecedented degree so far. Recently there have been issues within her own caucus, i.e. “tamale-gate” (you can read … Read More

The Kari Lake Electoral Anchor: How She Is Arizona Republicans’ Biggest Problem

By Alexander Lomax Groundhog’s Day was last month, but you almost wouldn’t know that’s the case in Arizona. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Kari Lake claimed election fraud and judges told her that she has almost no case whatsoever. And yet she keeps trying, bless her heart. And the biggest winners? Arizona Democrats. Just like they made the … Read More

Governor Hobbs’s Veto Parade Continues, and Not Even Our Schools are Exempt

By Ronald Sampson It’s a new-ish day for Democrats in Arizona. Having finally captured the Governor’s seat they finally have some degree of legislative power. But since they couldn’t get a majority in either the Arizona House or the Arizona Senate, that legislative power is nearly purely relegated to the power of Governor Hobbs’s veto pen. While the ability to … Read More

Arizona Maintains Status as Conspiracy Central, and We’re All Dumber as a Result

By Alexander Lomax The old and tired phrase in local politics amongst left-leaning folks has been “You can’t spell crazy without AZ”. And while the state has certainly moderated some away from that moniker as well as the “meth lab of democracy” name that Senator Sinema famously labeled us, we have unfortunately become Ground Zero for the zaniest and dumbest … Read More