Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association Receives Largest Donation in History –$25,000 From Cardone Ventures and Celebrates 25 Years on Sunday, September 22nd at STK in Scottsdale

To celebrate 25-years and just ahead of the 25th Annual Behind the Flames Scottsdale Fire Fighter Charities Dinner, the Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association is proud to announce Scottsdale-based Cardone Ventures has just made the largest donation in the organization’s history. The $25,000 donation by Cardone Ventures and the additional funds raised at the Annual Scottsdale Fire Fighter Charities Dinner, which returns on Sunday, September 22nd, 2024 will … Read More

Will Tammy Caputi Avoid a Run-Off and Win This Month?

Scottsdale residents who are registered on the early voter list have already received their ballots and have likely noticed an overabundance of options for Scottsdale City Council; nine, to be exact, all vying for one of three seats. We have written about these races a few times (you can check them out here), but one name stands out not just … Read More

Much Ado About Nothing: Misguiding Politicians Squawk About Fiscal Responsibility as City Reduces Its Budget and Taxes

Fiscal responsibility is something that all engaged citizens (except perhaps those to the extreme political left) want; government is funded by our money, and we all want to believe that those funds are being used appropriately. And it should come as no surprise to our readers that conservative politics often focuses on this, as do the conservative politicians that look … Read More

Former Mayor Manross Nails It Regarding Parks Initiative

By Ronald Sampson As a relatively fiscally conservative person and a natural Republican, I **want** to dislike most government spending that I see. It’s a happy place to distrust it. But the activists on both sides of any issue tend to ruin it for everybody, finding any reason to be angry, even if it means resorting to half-truths, ignorance, or … Read More

Another Massive Fire in Area: Are the Climate Roosters Finally Coming Home to Roost?

For our Scottsdale readers, especially our North Scottsdale and Carefree readers, you are likely aware of the Boulder View fire: at the time of writing, it has affected over 3,700 acres and is now almost entirely contained; homes were evacuated and warnings were issued. Our thoughts are with the families who were affected and sincerely hope that property damage was … Read More

Does the WM Phoenix Open Have a Diversity Problem?

We have a pretty good feel for our readership, and we know that for a good segment of our readers, mentions of the word “diversity” will be seen with skepticism and outright eye-rolling at worst. And while in its excesses it has certainly earned that skepticism. There are times that it is seen as the goal instead of more pertinent … Read More

Superbowl Champion and NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis Joins Cardone Ventures and Country’s Top CEO’s For Nine Figure Boardroom This Weekend in Scottsdale

Lewis will talk about his keys to success and putting underestimated demographics to work Cardone Ventures, the Scottsdale-based company that teaches other companies how to grow and scale their business, is proud to announce Super Bowl Champion and NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis will headline its Nine Figure Boardroom happening this weekend at The Scott in Scottsdale. Lewis, who played 17 seasons in the … Read More

Sparks Fly in Recent Scottsdale Mayoral Debate

As you almost certainly know, Scottsdale voters will decide on July 30th whether or not to give David Ortega a second term. Former councilmembers Lisa Borowsky and Linda Milhaven are taking him on and attempting to make it to a run-off election in November, and a recent forum demonstrated both that the knives have officially come out, and what specific … Read More