The Consequences of Being Soft on Crime: A Scottsdale Tragedy

Arizona has typically had a reputation for being tougher on crime than states on the Pacific coast. Rarely do you hear about violent criminals released without bail or shown extreme leniency only to commit more crimes and the results have generally led to safer streets. However, a recent tragedy not only underscores that we are not perfect in that regard … Read More

Scottsdale Unified School Board Descends Deeper Into Division

The Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board has been a bit…messy recently. You can get completely up to speed here. There has been a clear schism between two factions within the board, and recent developments have made that schism even more obvious and contentious. The conservative members of the board Carine Werner and Amy Carney are now saying that they … Read More

Mochilero Kitchen Hosts Job Fair Monday May 15th, Tuesday May 16th & Wednesday May 17th From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Locally Owned Mochilero Is Looking to Fill 45+ Positions For Its New North Scottsdale Location This May

The Locally Owned Restaurant Opens Later This Month and Will Offer Vibrant and Authentic Mexican Cuisine to North Scottsdale  Locally and family owned Mochilero Kitchen is bringing its popular authentic Mexican cuisine to Scottsdale and to get ready for the grand opening the restaurant is looking to hire more than 45 new employees. Mochilero Kitchen, which opens later this month … Read More

Guest Editorial: Grasping for Clear Air

By Councilmember Betty Janik Recently, I received emails asking me to “reject” the Maricopa Association of Governors (MAG) recommendations on techniques to reduce ozone levels in Maricopa County.  First, what is MAG?  It is a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  By state statue MPO is the policy board created and designated to carry out the metropolitan transportation planning process including plans … Read More

Good News in Scottsdale: Basic Economics is Impacting the STR Market

Short-term rentals (STRs) have long been a contentious subject in Scottsdale; its status as a vacation destination has meant that plenty of people renting out their homes with extremely little oversight or regulation to tourists who are unconcerned about the surrounding neighbors. The resulting issues have been a common source of grievance for many residents and is a subject we … Read More

Scottsdale in a Financial Crunch: What Should They Do?

For all of its fantastic features and generally strong governance, the city of Scottsdale is in a bit of a financial pickle. We outlined it previously here, and you can read about it in full here. In essence, a large spending package that Scottsdale voters approved in 2019 is now running far behind as costs have spiraled far past initial … Read More

Lessons in Leadership: What Really Happened to the Rio Verde Foothills Water Plan

You are very likely aware of the ongoing Rio Verde Foothills water crisis; hopefully you’ve read some of our coverage, but regardless you’re likely aware of the highly concerned citizenry in the unincorporated town on the outskirts of Scottsdale, as well as the political bickering between the city of Scottsdale and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. A new story … Read More