Scottsdale’s New Spending Plan: What’s In It, What’s Not

The City of Scottsdale recently released their spending plan, a robust $2.1 billion plan that partly came about as a result of unexpectedly strong revenue. Sales tax revenue is at $46.4 million above what was budgeted for the last two years COMBINED, according to City Treasurer Sonia Andrews, a strong indicator of the major bounceback that we’ve had in tourism, … Read More

Jazz for a Great Cause is Coming to Scottsdale

Did you know that April is International Jazz Appreciation Month? It’s part of a global celebration to share this unique part of Americana across the world, led by UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock. And Hancock himself had a role in bringing jazz to Scottsdale. The International Jazz Day in Arizona outdoor music festival takes place Saturday, April 30 at the … Read More

The Scottsdale City Council 2022 Race is Now Set: How Does It Look?

As with every campaign, it’s easy to say that you’re running for office; you can even file some paperwork to make it official. However actually getting on the ballot is a very different matter, involving the collection of a significant number of signatures from voters. Since the signature deadline has now passed, unless a candidate’s signatures are challenged we have … Read More

Another Old Town Shooting; Do We Have a Crime Issue?

There has been significant chatter recently about crime in and around Old Town recently, including a murder there just last month. Well here we are again, with another shooting there last week (and no arrests at the time of writing. We do not want to overreact with clickbait titles and fear tactics, but at the same time we often tend … Read More

Ortega, Whitehead, Janik, Durham, Littlefield: Please Meet Kathleen Black

As recently reported by the Wall Street Journal Scottsdale now has the distinction of being America’s top city for inflation.  We can think of better accolades.  Related to this topic is something Laurie Roberts from the Arizona Republic recently wrote about:  rising housing costs. Here is something very powerful and disturbing she wrote:  “You’ve heard the stories, or maybe you’re … Read More