Caution is the Name of the Game with Paradise Valley’s Ritz-Carlton

Paradise Valley is a town well known for its stringent development codes, one which has traditionally made it extremely difficult to develop large swathes of land for much more than incredible luxury homes. The town likes its insular nature, but that in itself can be very limiting.  Perhaps that’s why the development being spearheaded by the Ritz-Carlton is so surprising. … Read More

Another Piece of History Dies at the Altar of “Progress”

The word “progress” denotes moving forward by its very nature. While it takes on different meanings for different things, at its core it generally means leaving something behind in the past for something in the future that is ostensibly better. But sometimes the word is used too loosely; not everything old needs to be updated, and not everything new adds … Read More

The Photo Radar Camera Fight Comes to Scottsdale: Who’s Got It Right?

Many parts of Arizona were early adopters to photo radar cameras for traffic law enforcement. Many of you have likely received an unwelcome letter in the mail with a picture of yourself and a bill due. Speed cameras have gone up and come down, and the debate has raged much of the time. Now the debate has gotten some more … Read More

Smoke Tree Redevelopment Off to a Great Start

Paradise Valley has earned the reputation of one of the best places to live in the entire country for numerous reasons: between its unique zoning rules, its natural beauty and its incredibly successful residents, it is truly special. Yet it does have one relatively glaring eyesore (using that phrase very liberally): the Smoke Tree Resort. The Smoke Tree Resort was … Read More

Cullum Homes and WOW Luxury Properties Partner to Build the Valley’s Most Expensive Home To Ever Be Built – An Ultra Luxurious 40,000-Square-Foot Paradise Valley Estate For $75 Million

Arizona’s leading custom home builder, Cullum Homes, which has been building award winning homes since 1985 in the finest neighborhoods of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale is proud to partner with WOW Luxury Properties and present Arizona’s most expensive home to ever be built. Introducing the $75 million Palo Cristi Estate. Led by Rod and Kim Cullum, alongside daughter Lindsay Cullum-Colwell … Read More

Guest Editorial: Julie Pace’s New Year’s Observations

By Councilwoman Julie Pace The beginning of the New Year is the time for both reflection and goal-setting. In Paradise Valley, we are so fortunate to live in a unique community that preserves our special quality of life, committed to public safety, operates in a fiscally responsible manner and has gorgeous iconic mountains to protect and enjoy. There are challenges … Read More

Thank You 2022!

We wanted to take a moment to give our thanks to you, our readers, and let you know just how productive of a year it was for our growth. Last year nearly 82,000 people visited with views topping 269,000. Over 1,526 hours were cumulatively spent reading our content and unlike some sites that puff up their numbers with cheap … Read More

A Lasting Legacy: Former PV Mayor Passes Away

The town of Paradise Valley is one of a kind, and it owes that to decades of good governance. A member of that past governance is now gone, and is worth remembering. Former PV Mayor David Hann passed away recently at the age of 92. Like many people in the Valley of the Sun, he was not born here, but … Read More