Guest Editorial: Maybe COVID Wasn’t All Bad

By Alexander Lomax All across the world, people are yearning for a return to everyday life, or at least whatever that will look like in 2021. Along with the return of staples of normalcy, we have seen a pent-up energy being released in less-than-ideal ways. Jumping onto the courts and fields of professional sports, throwing items at players, and throwing … Read More

Guest Editorial: Lifting Others Up

By Phoenix Fuel To get through those long, hard days sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement. And while at times that may be hard to find, some individuals can prove to be a source of inspiration. Daniel Aldana is known as a man who defied the odds. Seven years ago, Aldana was faced with a life-or-death situation having … Read More

Guest Editorial: Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires

By Scottsdale Pinetop If the weather feels a little toastier than usual, that’s because it is. This past weekend temperatures skyrocketed and reached 110 degrees for the first time in 2021, kicking off a weeklong excessive heat warning with temperatures expected to reach 117 degrees. There’s a reason it’s called “the Arizona Heat.” This means bad news for firefighters who … Read More

Guest Editorial: They’re Not Racist, They Have a Mexican Friend

By Alexander Lomax Last week you may have read my missive about the supposed adults who recently shut down a Scottsdale Unified School Board meeting because of their petulant refusal to wear masks. Well if you thought that the uglier side of Scottsdale would simply be a one-hit-wonder under this new regime at City Hall, I have unfortunate news. Perhaps … Read More

Kudos To The Captains

A year ago Scottsdale was on its back.  Its largest industry, tourism, had been leveled.  Tax revenues were plunging.  Scottsdale Fashion Square had been violated by looters and lunatics.  Small businesses were boarding up their storefronts when they weren’t closing. The future seemed bleak. Then it wasn’t. Hindsight often tells us if key decisions by government were right, or wrong.  … Read More

Guest Editorial: She’s Not The First

By Jersey Boy Former Channel 10 anchor Kari Lake’s decision to dive into politics is fascinating but not groundbreaking. Arizona broadcasters have a long history of running for and winning elected office. Before he was a talk radio host or a member of Congress, JD Hayworth was a sportscaster on Channel 10 from 1987 to 1994. In the 80’s and … Read More

Northeast Valley Natterings

IN PARADISE VALLEY . . . recent Paradise Valley Mayors have had an unspoken tradition of serving two terms then passing the baton.  In a community of the competent this type of voluntary term limits is novel and refreshing.  With Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner expected to follow suit, Paradise Valley’s next center dais sitter will likely be elected in just over … Read More

Guest Editorial: Christmas in April

By Phoenix Fuel The anticipation of Christmas morning is shared by young children, and sometimes adults, year-round. The excitement of opening something new and spreading a little joy to others. But why limit that good spirit to one day? Luckily, one young boy in Tempe woke up to a Christmas miracle a little earlier than expected. 4-year-old Gerald Philbrook’s toy … Read More

#LocalBuzz: Q&A With Scottsdale City Councilwoman Tammy Caputi

By Scottsdale Pinetop It’s been almost six months since Scottsdale welcomed its newly elected city council members, who all earned their seats at the Nov. 3 General Election, including Councilwoman Tammy Caputi who gathered 58,561 votes in last year’s election. Tammy Caputi has been a Scottsdale resident and business owner for over twenty years and has three children attending local … Read More