The Rio Verde Foothills Crisis Gets the Governor’s Attention…and a Veto

One of the most explosive local issues in recent memory, the Rio Verde Foothills water crisis, has been moving forward in this year’s legislative session (get up to date on our coverage here). Unfortunately for its residents, it’s not going too well…yet. Indeed, the one bill to help alleviate the crisis has been vetoed by Governor Katie Hobbs, Arizona’s new … Read More

Can We Finally Be Done With This?

By Alexander Lomax Here we go again…Kari Lake manages to get in the news again. Lovely. To give some added context, the ongoing embarrassment that is Lake’s election denialism has been nearly completely smacked down in the courts (courts which have been largely packed by Doug Ducey, i.e. not exactly leftist ideologues) but the most recent judgment left one little … Read More

The Consequences of Being Soft on Crime: A Scottsdale Tragedy

Arizona has typically had a reputation for being tougher on crime than states on the Pacific coast. Rarely do you hear about violent criminals released without bail or shown extreme leniency only to commit more crimes and the results have generally led to safer streets. However, a recent tragedy not only underscores that we are not perfect in that regard … Read More

More Changes in Our Elections: Is Less Messiness in Our Future?

Maricopa County elections have had a very interesting last few election cycles. They started in 2016 with a new County Recorder (Adrian Fontes) who was then in charge of all aspects of county elections. After a poor execution of in-person voting for the 2018 primary, Fontes then decided to punt responsibility of in-person voting to the Maricopa County Board of … Read More

Will Kyrsten Sinema Really Run for Re-election as an Independent?

In November 2024, Arizona voters will decide if they want to re-elect Kyrsten Sinema to the US Senate, but this time as a registered Independent. She will likely have strong competition on both sides of her: while the Republican side is still wide open, Congressman Ruben Gallego is now in the poll position on the Democratic side. But will she … Read More

Governor Hobbs’s Internal Crisis: Alienating Her Own Just to Pass a Budget

Photo Credit: Time MagazineBudget time at the Arizona Capitol is always an interesting place to be, but perhaps no more so than now. It had already been a rough month or so for Governor Katie Hobbs (get up to date here), but the budget negotiations (or relative lack thereof) look like they will make “tamale-gate” look like a walk in … Read More

Peoria’s New Rising Political Star

Politics always needs its rising stars; those who come from seemingly out of nowhere to have captured the attention of an area, who have the CV and background to compel many to support him, and who are creating the sort of relationships that imply that their first win is simply the beginning of many. And it seems as though the … Read More

The Valley’s Top School for Autism – Gateway Academy – Presents Art for Autism Charity Auction at Larsen Gallery Saturday, May 20th at 10:00am (3705 N Bishop Lane in Scottsdale)

Larsen Gallery Will Donate 25 Pieces of Artwork for the Auction with 100% of the Proceeds Going to Gateway Academy and Artlink is Putting Out a Call to Artists To Participate Join Gateway Academy and Artlink for Art for Autism Charity Auction at Larsen Gallery on Saturday, May 20th starting at 10:00am. The event begins with an exhibition at 10:00a.m. … Read More

Mochilero Kitchen Brings Its Vibrant and Authentic Mexican Cuisine to North Scottsdale This May

Locally Owned Mochilero Kitchen Will Open in Scottsdale Horizon Shopping Center off Frank Lloyd Wright and Thompson Peak Parkway Offering vibrant and authentic Mexican cuisine, Valley-based and family owned Mochilero Kitchen is proud to announce expansion into the North Scottsdale this May. After recently celebrating the three year anniversary for their Peoria location, Mochilero Kitchen will open its second location … Read More