Guest Editorial: A Bill To Help Save Lives

Arizona Senator Christine Marsh pushes for the passage of new Arizona bill that would prevent fentanyl overdoses By Valley Girl Through the best efforts of mothers who have tragically lost their children due to accidental overdose, there is a new bill reaching the Arizona Senate. The group has been advocating for the legalization of fentanyl testing strips for the purpose of … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Spirit of McCain Has Exited Arizona

By Alexander Lomax The U.S. Supreme Court recently refused to hear Arizona QOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward’s quixotic failed attempt to overturn the results of the Arizona election. One would assume that this would be the end of this madness, right? After all, it is a majority conservative court, certainly, this is proof to the doubters that our election was legitimate, … Read More

An Increasing Problem For Scottsdale?

Buried in this recent story of Catherine Reagor’s in the Arizona Republic about rising Valley rents is the fact that Scottsdale is the priciest place in Arizona to lease apartments. On one hand that is good news as it affirms the city’s cache.  But on the other, it creates hardship for the city’s substantial workforce – or those that want … Read More

Nixonian Is Unbecoming For Scottsdale & Precarious For Its Leaders

Richard Nixon had an enemies list.  It only served scandal well. That’s why we took note of Scottsdale activist Mike Norton – along with Larry Kush – who raised an interesting question in a recent opinion piece in the Scottsdale Independent. They queried whether Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega’s desire to designate the Soleri Bridge area at the Scottsdale Waterfront a … Read More

Guest Editorial: Spring Training Is In Full Swing In The Valley

By Gilbert Guru Even a pandemic cannot stop America’s favorite pastime. The Arizona Diamondbacks recently sold out their entire spring training allotment of tickets in less than 24 hours. A home run for ticket sales. Enjoy a seventh-inning stretch and an all-American hotdog smothered in ketchup, mustard, and coronavirus at spring training tradition. The Arizona Diamondbacks are scheduled for 14 … Read More

Special Feature: Most Read Stories From This Week

Staff Report –  A recap of the top three stories on Arizona Progress & Gazette from the past week. Stark Contrast. The Unusual Candidacy Of Nicole Garcia Voters in Phoenix’s District Three are witnessing an unusual, if not lopsided race for City Council. Nicole Garcia continues to campaign as if she’s running in a dark red district. District Three these … Read More

Guest Editorial: Cocktails To-Go Should Be A “Go” for Arizona Lawmakers

Arizona residents are still split to support the passage of the “Cocktails to-go” bill.  By Valley Girl Arizona legislators are looking to pass a new bill that allows restaurants and bars to service to-go cocktails. Most local restaurants and bars are all for the bill passing but residents are concerned with the risks of DUI’s and impaired drivers that could … Read More

Guest Editorial: Rethinking The Arizona House

By Scottsdale Pinetop Arizona continues to be a hot spot for new residents – even amid a global pandemic. The state is among the top five fastest-growing states in the U.S with a population of approximately 7.3 million.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau, between 2010 and 2019, Arizona’s population grew by 9.3% from migration alone, more than every other … Read More

Guest Editorial: Bipartisanship Is A Good Thing, Right?

By Alexander Lomax So many articles, musings, and rants have been based on the concept of the importance of reaching across the aisle. The two party system has a whole world of flaws, but is actually functional when the two parties are able to agree on something, ANYTHING, for the betterment of society. While many of us on the left … Read More

Guest Editorial: Only One?

By Alexander Lomax I don’t make a habit of praising Arizona Republicans, but I do believe in positive reinforcement. It is with that in mind that I feel obligated to give a shout-out to State Senator Paul Boyer. In case you missed it, Boyer was the ONLY Republican vote against holding the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in contempt for … Read More