Scottsdale Politics: How are the City Council Races Looking?

As we mentioned in yesterday’s piece about the Scottsdale mayoral race, campaign finance reports are our most accurate look into the potential strength of a campaign. And just like the mayoral race, candidates for Scottsdale City Council also recently filed their reports, and it allows us to peer into who is surging and who is floundering. First, we will start … Read More

Guest Editorial: Phoenix’s Recently Approved Homeless Shelter is an Appropriate Remedy for Phoenix’s Homelessness Crisis, but Should Never Inform Scottsdale’s Approach to Homelessness

By Mason Gates The Phoenix City Council recently approved the construction of a new homeless shelter near 71st Avenue and Buckeye Road, a key step in the Council’s efforts to address the crisis of homelessness wreaking havoc across the city. The approval of this shelter project will help stem the burgeoning homeless population in Phoenix, while ensuring that cities bordering … Read More

Guest Editorial: Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council Campaign Celebrates Milestone: Over 1,300 Signatures Rally Behind Vision for Change

In a resounding testament to the momentum of the Mason Gates campaign, we are proud to announce that we have surpassed the significant milestone of collecting over 1,300 signatures from impassioned supporters across our Scottsdale community. This remarkable achievement underscores the unwavering dedication of individuals who believe in a brighter future for our city and who recognize the transformative leadership … Read More

Who is the Heck is Mason Gates?

Scottsdalians who use social media have almost certainly been confronted with Mason Gates; he is a Scottsdale city council candidate who has seemingly come out of nowhere, spraying digital ads throughout the city, highlighting videos of him speaking and what he touts as an army of kids willing to do his bidding. While digital political ads are nothing new, his … Read More