Looking Towards July 30th: The County Recorder’s Race

Arizona’s primaries have traditionally been in the month of August, but recently local elections got bumped up to July 30th. With this deadline looming, we want to take a look at a few contentious primaries that are making waves and are worth your attention. As for this round, let’s look at the Republican primary for Maricopa County Recorder. Incumbent Stephen … Read More

The Battle for Maricopa County Recorder May Be Fought on the Right Flank: Stephen Richer Will Have Challengers

County Recorder Stephen Richer walked a strange and fine line in his successful effort to oust former Recorder Adrian Fontes; he sometimes found himself flirting with election conspiracies, but his time in the office itself has largely been spent confirming the fidelity of our elections. One could say that his shift was political expediency, one could say that the newfound … Read More

More Changes in Our Elections: Is Less Messiness in Our Future?

Maricopa County elections have had a very interesting last few election cycles. They started in 2016 with a new County Recorder (Adrian Fontes) who was then in charge of all aspects of county elections. After a poor execution of in-person voting for the 2018 primary, Fontes then decided to punt responsibility of in-person voting to the Maricopa County Board of … Read More

Chaos at County Reorganization Meetings: What Does That Portend for Next Two Years?

The political election cycle is a standard and predictable one: first there are primaries, then there are generals. Then there is either celebration or disappointment, followed by co-opting of credit or the pointing of fingers. And then…re-organization. Where the parties signal their level of satisfaction or anger with the direction of their party and choose their leadership accordingly. As is … Read More