Looking Towards July 30th: the Democratic Primary in Congressional District 1

As the July 30th primary election date nears, we wanted to highlight some of the more contentious primaries that will impact you and perhaps the entire region. Last week we checked out the Republican primary for the Maricopa County Recorder’s race, which is getting quite saucy (read our story here). Now we take a look at perhaps an even saucier … Read More

The Battle for the Legislature: Partisan Primaries Could Provide a Clue

The Arizona Republican Party has for a long time held a stranglehold on legislation at the State Capitol. Democrats haven’t held a majority in either the Senate or House since all the way back in 1992, representing a stunning 32 year time period where Republicans held a majority in both (outside of a four year period where the Senate was … Read More

Ruben Gallego Out-Pivoting Kari Lake and Muscling Her Out of the Middle

By Alexander Lomax Typically in political campaigns that have both a contested primary election and a contentious general election, there exists the time-honored tradition of the Pivot: each candidate will play to the wings of their party in order to win the primary, and then move towards the center for the general election in order to appeal to a wider … Read More

Addendum: The Congressional District 1 Democratic Primary Just Got Stranger

This blog typically has pretty good takes. We’re not 100% correct, but we have a solid track record. So when attack ads against three of the top four challengers in the Democratic primary to unseat Representative David Schweikert go out but we can’t find one against the fourth (and that fourth is VERY well funded), well…it’s not hard to point … Read More

Our Inspiration of the Week: Alfredo Gutierrez

For those of us who are a bit more advanced in life, we’ve often had the thought…it would be great to do something, but it’s too late. Too much time has passed, time to move on from that dream and embrace reality. But an Arizona icon recently demonstrated that it’s never too late to pursue a dream. Enter Alfredo Gutierrez; … Read More

Democrats Getting Ugly in Congressional District 1

We just spoke about the mess in Congressional District 1 that is the Schweikert campaign (you can read that coverage here). As Schweikert has slogged through ethics complaints, fines, and disturbing tactics for years, Democrats have continuously lined up to try to oust him, and this year is no different. Numerous significant names with strong financial backing are brawling in … Read More

David Schweikert’s Awful Consultant and Regretful Choices

By Alexander Lomax There is a reason why many people call politics a four letter word. Negative campaigning is perceived as a must, dirty tricks abound, slander and libel rules don’t apply so awful things and half-truths (and sometimes lies) are routinely told about opponents. However, there is still a limit of decency that most campaigns will ascribe to. Sometimes … Read More

No Longer 1864: Reversal of the Abortion Bill Potentially Upending Election

For a number of weeks, Arizona Republicans were extremely nervous, Democrats were furious, and the eyes of the country (sometimes even the world) were once again on Arizona, as the state Supreme Court ruled that an abortion law from all the way back in 1864 was once again the law of the land. This ruling would ensure that abortion was … Read More

AZ General Election Poll: Democrats Hold Slight Edge

With six months to go until Election Day 2024, Democrats hold a slight edge over Republicans in the State.For President, the Democratic incumbent President Joe Biden leads Republican former president Donald Trump by a slim 38.8% to 38.1% margin. Independent Robert F Kennedy Jr. has 13.5% support. 8.1% reported as being undecided. In the US Senate race, presumptive Republican nominee … Read More