Guest Editorial: Jan Dubauskas Submits 1,956 Petition Signatures for City Council

On Friday, March 29, Scottsdale City Council candidate Jan Dubauskas submitted 1,956 petition signatures at City Hall – almost double the required number. “Many thanks to the thousands of Scottsdale residents who came together to put me on the ballot,” said Dubauskas. “We love Scottsdale and recognize how important it is to have another member on Council who will put … Read More

Jan Dubauskas Endorsed by Kathy Littlefield and Barry Graham

Jan Dubauskas, candidate for Scottsdale City Council, is honored to announce endorsements from Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield and Councilman Barry Graham. The endorsements were first announced at an event for Dubauskas on March 21st. Councilwoman Littlefield says she is “confident that Jan will join me on the Council as a clear voice for the residents of Scottsdale. She has a track … Read More

Guest Editorial: The proposed Axon development is the wrong fit for Scottsdale

By Jan Dubauskas You may have heard about the proposed Axon development, the largest apartment project ever proposed in the history of Scottsdale. The company’s CEO describes it as a live, work, and play campus. We’re proud to have Scottsdale’s own Rick Smith headquartering Axon here with their incredible safety and defense technology. In addition to 1,975 apartments, he’s proposing … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale “Crime Spree”

By Jan Dubauskas You deserve to be safe in your home. And in Scottsdale, we expect to not only feel safe – but to be absolutely safe. It’s frightening reading stories about the uptick in crime in big cities and yet, the crime sprees we’ve been reading about in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles are now happening in our … Read More

Guest Editorial: Jan Dubauskas Is the Best Candidate to Replace Betty Janik.

Incumbent Betty Janik recently wrote to her constituents and boldly declared she will not run for re-election after one term on Council. She called for “older baby Boomers like myself to yield governance” and to step aside to make room for younger people and new solutions. Jan Dubauskas embodies this vision and is the best candidate to replace Councilwoman Janik. … Read More

It’s Official: Tammy Caputi Not Challenging David Ortega for Mayor

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega will be facing what could be a tough re-election campaign next year, with a number of strong known and potential candidates looking to unseat him. However his path towards re-election looks as though it will be a bit easier with a recent announcement. In a reversal from what was long rumored but ultimately found to be … Read More

Guest Editorial: Exciting News!

Scottsdale is special. Really special. It’s why we’ve invested here and built our lives here. Residents choose to live in Scottsdale because of its unique character and high quality of living. The beauty of the architecture. The culture. The cleanliness. The preserves. The natural beauty. That indescribable Scottsdale feeling. But we’re all tired of seeing some Council members vote against … Read More