Does Justin Laos Really Want to Be on the Scottsdale City Council?

This year’s Scottsdale city council race so far is a race of haves and have nots when it comes to money (read our coverage here). When candidates are overmatched from a financial perspective, it’s imperative that they stand out in other ways. Some candidates make goofy videos or take outlandish stances. In the case of candidate Justin Laos, apparently it’s … Read More

Scottsdale Politics: How are the City Council Races Looking?

As we mentioned in yesterday’s piece about the Scottsdale mayoral race, campaign finance reports are our most accurate look into the potential strength of a campaign. And just like the mayoral race, candidates for Scottsdale City Council also recently filed their reports, and it allows us to peer into who is surging and who is floundering. First, we will start … Read More

Who is the Heck is Mason Gates?

Scottsdalians who use social media have almost certainly been confronted with Mason Gates; he is a Scottsdale city council candidate who has seemingly come out of nowhere, spraying digital ads throughout the city, highlighting videos of him speaking and what he touts as an army of kids willing to do his bidding. While digital political ads are nothing new, his … Read More

Guest Editorial: Jan Dubauskas Submits 1,956 Petition Signatures for City Council

On Friday, March 29, Scottsdale City Council candidate Jan Dubauskas submitted 1,956 petition signatures at City Hall – almost double the required number. “Many thanks to the thousands of Scottsdale residents who came together to put me on the ballot,” said Dubauskas. “We love Scottsdale and recognize how important it is to have another member on Council who will put … Read More

Jan Dubauskas Endorsed by Kathy Littlefield and Barry Graham

Jan Dubauskas, candidate for Scottsdale City Council, is honored to announce endorsements from Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield and Councilman Barry Graham. The endorsements were first announced at an event for Dubauskas on March 21st. Councilwoman Littlefield says she is “confident that Jan will join me on the Council as a clear voice for the residents of Scottsdale. She has a track … Read More

Guest Editorial: Tammy Caputi Submits Over 1300 Petition Signatures for Her Scottsdale City Council Reelection Campaign

Councilwoman Caputi becomes first candidate to file in a crowded field with 30% more signatures than the minimum threshold.  Yesterday, incumbent Scottsdale City Councilwoman Tammy Caputi filed nomination petitions with the Scottsdale City Clerk to officially place her name on the ballot for the Primary Election in July and the General Election in November. Caputi worked with her team of … Read More

Guest Editorial: Jan Dubauskas Is the Best Candidate to Replace Betty Janik.

Incumbent Betty Janik recently wrote to her constituents and boldly declared she will not run for re-election after one term on Council. She called for “older baby Boomers like myself to yield governance” and to step aside to make room for younger people and new solutions. Jan Dubauskas embodies this vision and is the best candidate to replace Councilwoman Janik. … Read More

Councilwoman Betty Janik Announces She Will Not Run for Re-election

Dear Scottsdale Resident, I will not be running for a second term on Scottsdale City Council. Time waits for no one.  At this stage in my life, I want to spend more time with family and friends.  I also believe it is time for older baby boomers, such as myself, to yield governance to younger people.  Future development, sustainability, and … Read More

STRs Persist as Issue in Scottsdale, Will It Become an Election Hot-Button Again?

Short-term rentals (STRs) turned into a considerable campaign issue in 2020 as out-of-control parties became an issue in many Scottsdale neighborhoods, angering many constituents and igniting calls for change. It became one of the platform points for Dave Ortega’s successful run for Mayor that year, and while some changes have been made, it’s increasingly evident that it is still a … Read More