A New Entrant in the Race for the Scottsdale City Council

While we are still in 2023 and Scottsdale’s municipal elections will be held in 2024, now is the time for candidates to begin to announce their candidacies and build up their campaign apparatus. We already have had a few interesting announcements from potentially formidable candidates, and recently we came across the announcement of another. Justin Laos recently announced that he … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale’s Allure: Negotiating Exceptional Development

By Councilwoman Solange Whitehead Scottsdale’s world class status can be attributed to our multi-generational commitment to preservation and design excellence in our built environment. The Waterfront, pictured above, showcases both priorities. In 2003, Mayor Mary Manross and the Council approved the project. By trading height for public open space, the approval transformed vacant, blighted land into one of Scottsdale’s most … Read More

Guest Editorial: Thanksgiving Appreciation

By Councilwoman Betty Janik To Our Scottsdale Community, Thanksgiving is time to reflect on all the things for which we are grateful.  I am grateful for the wonderful staff, hundreds of dedicated volunteers, and our thoughtful citizens. We all work together to make Scottsdale a model of excellence.   It is truly a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, … Read More

It’s Official: Tammy Caputi Not Challenging David Ortega for Mayor

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega will be facing what could be a tough re-election campaign next year, with a number of strong known and potential candidates looking to unseat him. However his path towards re-election looks as though it will be a bit easier with a recent announcement. In a reversal from what was long rumored but ultimately found to be … Read More

Guest Editorial: Exciting News!

Scottsdale is special. Really special. It’s why we’ve invested here and built our lives here. Residents choose to live in Scottsdale because of its unique character and high quality of living. The beauty of the architecture. The culture. The cleanliness. The preserves. The natural beauty. That indescribable Scottsdale feeling. But we’re all tired of seeing some Council members vote against … Read More

Is Low Growth Here to Stay in Scottsdale?

It has been no secret that the current make-up of the Scottsdale City Council has been what could be called “growth hesitant”; that there is a concerted effort to focus on what are deemed to be unimpeachably high-quality projects to the detriment of overall growth. We have labeled them “the Council of No” before, where they sometimes seem to look … Read More

An Ambitious Development Project Planned for Scottsdale: Will It Make It Through the City Council Gauntlet?

The Scottsdale city council took a strong turn away from growth and development-focused dais under Mayor Lane to a rather development-hesitant one under Mayor Ortega starting in 2020. Many projects have failed to secure the needed votes to come to fruition, frustrating numerous developers and other professionals involved. So a new proposed project raised both eyebrows for its ambition and … Read More

Guest Editorial: Road Diets: To Be or Not to Be

By Councilwoman Betty Janik On March 21, City Council approved lane reductions (Road Diets) for 68th Street from Osborn north to Indian School. This continues to spark controversy.  Over 30 individuals spoke at the meeting representing both sides.  I have received hundreds of emails with about 85% in opposition to lane reductions. I also spoke to several icons of Scottsdale … Read More