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2018 Scrum


I am thrilled to announce an endorsement from another influential, Arizona leader – Former Governor Fife Symington. Governor Symington was a champion for small businesses and was able to ease regulatory burdens and cut red-tape to allow these business to prosper. My hope is to continue that mission by simplifying and modernizing the business filing system in the Secretary of State’s Office. I am thankful to have his support.

“It was my mission as Governor to protect Arizona small businesses. I can say without question, Michele Reagan has rightly earned the reputation as a guardian of small business. Michele has been a tireless advocate for the small business community, while also championing legislation that sought to preserve the integrity of our election processes. Her knowledge and experience with both issues make her the clear choice to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State.”

- Former Arizona Governor
Fife Symington

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Republican Ken Bennett, Democrat Fred Duval, Libertarian Barry Hess, and Independent JL Mealer headline a strikingly diverse group of Arizona politicians who all agree that a new property tax on leased rooftop solar is wrong.

On June 10th TUSK (Tell Utilities Solar Won’t be Killed) sent surveys to candidates across Arizona. As of July 10th, fifty-four candidates have responded. All but two expressed opposition to the tax.

Nineteen Republican and twenty-nine Democratic candidates have said they oppose the solar tax which is being imposed on leased rooftop solar customers because of a decision by bureaucrats in the Department of Revenue. Governor Brewer has thus far refused to repeal the tax. TUSK remains hopeful Arizona’s current governor will change her mind, as she used to refer to herself as “The Solar Queen.” If the tax is not repealed or if legislation is not passed, tens of thousands of Arizona residents, schools, and churches will see higher energy costs.

Fifty-two of the fifty-four candidates said they opposed the solar tax when asked this question: “Do you support the new property tax on rooftop solar customers who lease their systems even though such a tax was implemented by the Department of Revenue without prior consent from the Arizona Legislature?”

Fifty-two candidates also disagreed with the following statement: “Arizonans who go solar should face higher taxes than other Arizonans. Our state needs the revenue and the fact that it was not imposed sooner was an oversight.”

TUSK remains hopeful that all of the candidates who have received the survey will take time to respond especially the rest of the gubernatorial candidates such as Doug Ducey, Christine Jones, Andrew Thomas, Scott Smith and Frank Riggs.

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I am endorsed by the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce. The Scottsdale Chamber has been a valuable asset to our community for over 50 years. It is a true honor to receive their support.

Representing Scottsdale has been one of the most rewarding jobs of my career. Over the last four years, we have maintained our financial strength, reined in government spending and kept taxes low. We have supported our business and tourism community and lured high-quality businesses with high-paying jobs to our city.

I am asking again for your trust and support. Early ballots are mailed out in 24 DAYS and my campaign has done an amazing job of putting us in position to be successful in the primary election. My goal, however, is to continue the momentum we’ve built through the general election in November.

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It has truly been my priviledge to serve you on the Paradise Valley Town Council these past four years. During this time, we've worked hard to improve our Town's exceptional quality of life. And I''m proud of what we've accomplished.

Promoting fiscal responsibility and preventing a property tax. Preserving our Town's character and promoting responsible development. Improving public safety and citizen involvement. These are just a few of the accomplishments we've enjoyed — and a few of my priorities if I am re-elected to serve you again on Town Council.

But leadership only works when a team is involved. And that's why I'm especially proud to have the support of my peers who have endorsed my campaign for re-election, including:
• Mayor Scott LeMarr
• Vice Mayor Michael Collins
• Councilman Dan Schweiker
• Councilman David Sherf
• Former Mayor Ed Winkler
• Former Mayor Ron Clarke
• Former Mayor Bob Plenge
• Former Mayor David Haan
• Former Mayor Ed Lowry

And, of course, I'm grateful for the support I've received from so many Paradise Valley residents who are concerned about the future of their community.

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Says Leadership on Difficult Regional Issues Shows Hallman is the Right Choice

Pinal County Sheriff and leading conservative Paul Babeu today endorsed Hugh Hallman in the Arizona State Treasurer’s race.

Babeu said that Hallman has demonstrated himself to be a regional leader with conservative principles to make him the right choice for the State Treasurer’s Office.

“Our state needs strong leadership that is adept at handling the difficult issues to ensure our quality of life,” Sheriff Babeu said. “As past Mayor of Tempe, Hugh Hallman has shown himself to be a true leader on issues of statewide importance, with a commitment to conservative principles that is important for Arizona’s future. I am pleased to endorse him for Arizona State Treasurer and know he is the best choice to represent all Arizona residents in this important office. hallman pic

Sheriff Babeu joins more than 80 conservative leaders who have endorsed Hallman in the Republican primary for State Treasurer — far and away the most of any candidate in the race. A full list of endorsements is available at

Hallman said that he was grateful for Sheriff Babeu’s support and his emergence as a young leader in the Republican Party in Arizona.

“Sheriff Babeu is one of the leading voices in our state for limited government that is responsive to the specific challenges we face in Arizona,” he said. “The Sheriff recognizes that without a fiscally responsible approach to government, our other problems will simply get worse. I appreciate his endorsement and support and look forward to bringing exactly that fiscally responsible approach to the State Treasurer’s Office.”

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