We Have a Race for Paradise Valley Mayor: Pace vs Bien-Willner

Paradise Valley politics have often been relatively similar to the nature of the town itself; a bit sleepy, not too much excitement happening (save a cross being stolen), just how its residents prefer. But that may be changing this year, as not only will we have competitive Town Council races, but it also looks like we will have a Mayoral … Read More

AG Brnovich Weighs In On PV STR Rules: The Good and the Bad

The issue of short-term rentals (STRs) is not a new topic here at the Arizona Progress Gazette, and regular readers will note that Paradise Valley’s rules to make business more difficult for STR operators had received a request for investigation from Sen. Warren Peterson (himself the owner of a STR property), which elicited a formal statement from the PV Town … Read More

A Paradise Valley Town Leadership Program? Councilmember Pace Brings Up an Interesting Idea

Our more politically ambitious or aware readers probably know of various civic and public affairs leadership groups in the Valley; Valley Leadership is perhaps the most prominent one, Greater Phoenix Leadership is another. These are groups dedicated to showing our region’s most bright and ambitious future leaders the ropes of what leadership actually looks like within the machinations of local … Read More

The High Cost of Doing the Right Thing – PV’s Fight Against STRs Could Cost It $1.6 Million

Short-Term Rentals (STRs) and the problems that they have introduced into neighborhoods have been a red-hot subject recently, and one that we’ve talked about frequently. We have also spoken about Paradise Valley’s attempts to reign them in after myriad complaints from citizens. Unfortunately, sometimes the best decisions have unfortunate potential consequences, and now we are learning more about those. According … Read More

Phoenix Lets Dembow Off the Hook – Now It’s Up to Voters to Push Him Into Retirement

We have not been shy about our disdain for Paradise Valley Town Councilman Paul Dembow. After his infamous cross-stealing incident, we had hopes that the judicial system would deal a significant blow to his re-election campaign. We recently spoke about how his case had been bouncing around the area’s legal jurisdictions. Unfortunately, it seems as though our hopes are dashed. … Read More

Dembow Theft Case Stuck in Limbo – Will the Courts Hurry Up Already??

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to regular readers that we are not particularly big fans of Paradise Valley Councilman Paul Dembow. From the unconscionable action of stealing a cross from a grieving family, to his entirely unnecessary decision to run for a 4th term, to general issues with demeanor and charges of improper dealings, we believe that he … Read More