Preserving Paradise Valley – Julie Pace is Running for Re-Election to Council and Tips to Prevent Crime!

By Councilmember and former Vice-Mayor Julie Pace

I fight for quality of life. I am proud of the accomplishments and decisions I have made to make a difference and preserve PV. That is why I am proud to announce that I am running for re-election to the Town Council because I love Paradise Valley and will continue to stand up for the community that we all love.

Everyone knows me as a doer, and I have a long reputation for being a very hard worker for the Town. I have more to do with my peers to protect the scenic beauty and mountain vistas unique to our Town.

I have 30 years of experience as an employment and construction lawyer for companies, and I have experience writing, advocating, and successfully getting legislation adopted or bills modified or killed at the Legislature and that knowledge will help preserve our unique Town. I believe in bringing stakeholders together to find solutions.

Consistent track records and experience count, not words. Our Town’s future looks bright, let’s keep it that way!

My actions and voting record strongly support the strength I bring to the Town Council and our residents. During my time on Council, I have worked to:

  1. Stop party houses.
  2. Stop and limit short-term rentals and time shares.
  3. Successfully led residents to stop the 64-food high structure that was proposed to be built high up on Camelback Mountain. The project would have changed forever the view of Camelback Mountain.
  4. Keep our Town unique with its one-house-per-acre zoning, low density, no commercial business, and no property tax.
  5. Stop a three-story hotel from building outdoor balconies overlooking single-family one-acre residences.
  6. Stop the elimination of landscaped medians and middle turn lane on McDonald.
  7. Stop opioids from being sold at the entry to the Town.
  8. Stop legislation that adversely impacts our Town’s quality of life.
  9. Support a buffer between single-family residents and resorts.
  10. Support responsible development to preserve views of our mountain and the unique residential character of our Town.
  11. Restrict dynamiting on our mountains that earned me the name of “No Blast Julie.”
  12. Support the undergrounding of utilities and oppose efforts to destroy the beautiful vistas we all enjoy with unsightly vertical infrastructure.
  13. Support safety in all its forms in our Town: in your home, in your vehicle, on your bike, and on the street.
  14. Strong support for our concierge police department.
  15. Foster community education outreach to stop crime in neighborhoods.
  16. Develop a construction security checklist.
  17. Assist with the development of the House of Worship Committee when I served as Chair of ACOPS.
  18. Develop the Hillside Safety Improvement Measures and Process Manual to address drainage and boulder safety.
  19. Develop a Hillside Construction Staging Plan Checklist.
  20. Support drainage and stormwater infrastructure and improvements.
  21. Support fiscal conservatism and good financial stewardship.
  22. Support paying down pension fund to save money for our residents.
  23. Worked with the Historical Committee to plan and implement the Town’s 60th Anniversary Celebration.
  24. Support residents working together to solve issues.
  25. Develop and build the PV community in numerous ways.

It has been one of my greatest honors to support and assist the trustees of the Paradise Valley Mountain Preservation Trust. We have worked together to rebrand with a newly expanded name and website to include all the mountains and develop the “first ever” recognition event for the town donors who gave over 235 acres to the PVMPT Trust so residents could enjoy mountain vistas in their natural state.

We have worked to foster the development of a children’s book called “The Story of Camelback Mountain” written by Pam Hait and Estelle Cohen and illustrations by Sebastien Millon. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit PVMPT Trust.

I have successfully led many grassroots efforts to preserve Paradise Valley. I have and will continue to work collaboratively with residents, staff, and my peers on Council to address quality of life issues, including traffic congestion, public safety, density, and preserving our Town’s unique residential character.

This is a 100% volunteer position so please support the Town you love by voting for Julie Pace on Aug. 6.

Please feel free to contact me at or visit Thank you for your support and the opportunity to serve you.


Our Town, like others, is seeing an increase in a series of burglaries and crimes involving an organized crime group called South American Theft Groups (SATG). Our police department is actively collaborating with neighboring agencies to find and arrest the bad guys. Surveillance and other investigative tools are being used by police departments to catch them.


There has been a rise in dinner time (3 to 7 pm) burglaries. Approximately 20 incidents have happened in PV. They are breaking windows in Master bedrooms and master bathrooms to get in and quickly steal valuable items.


Burglars are targeting homes on golf courses and with washes, but can target homes anywhere in our community.


What can you do?

  1. See something, say something. Call the police department when you see suspicious activity. Police non-emergency line is 480.948.7410. Call 911 immediately if a crime is in progress.
  2. Watch your neighborhood and be aware of suspicious activity.
  3. Watch out for people leaving newspapers or business cards on you or your neighbors’ driveways. Burglars are trying to see if the home is vacant so they can come back and break in. Pick up this trash to avoid inviting burglars.
  4. Turn on ring cameras as they are very helpful to watch the backdoors and back windows of your home.
  5. Set a special alarm on your phone so that you hear a certain sound to check the camera for any intruders in your backyard and windows.
  6. Install glass break window sensors that set off your alarm when someone breaks or tries to break the window or glass sliding door.
  7. Install tint on windows that does not allow for easy breakage.
  8. Set your alarm to stay when you are watching a movie, in the shower, going to bed, etc.
  9. Set alarm to exit home every time you leave your home. Habits are key to preventing crime and keeping the bad guys away from your neighborhood.
  10. Keep your garage door closed.
  11. Set an alarm on your phone to tell you if you left a garage door open.
  12. Check that all of your doors are locked at all times, even when you are home.
  13. Lock doors on any vehicles that are outside a locked garage.
  14. Consider moving valuables (jewelry, wallets and purses) out of master bedroom and bathrooms to a different location in home.
  15. Install motion sensor lights.
  16. Use your chime button on your alarm so you hear a chime when exterior doors are opened.
Let’s not make it easy for this organized crime ring to be in Paradise Valley. Lock doors, use alarms, and be vigilant.