Former Paradise Valley Mayors LeMarr and Parker: Mayor Bien-Willner Deserves Our Thanks — and Another Term

By Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner Dear Friends, I wanted to share with you this guest column in the Town of Paradise Valley Independent written by former mayors Scott LeMarr and Vernon Parker. I’m proud to have their support and appreciate their kind words. By Scott LeMarr and Vernon Parker, former Mayors of Paradise Valley As former mayors of the Town of Paradise Valley, we … Read More

Guest Editorial: Update on Proposal to Reduce Setbacks Is Tabled For Now; 20 New Code Changes on Horizon

By Councilmember Julie Pace Thanks to residents for voicing your opposition to the Mayor and Councilmember Dembow’s aggressive campaign to reduce the setback requirement for view and combination fence locations from 20 feet to 10 feet in front yards along 15 miles of streets in Paradise Valley. Our Town’s Planning Commission unanimously (7 to 0) opposed the setback reduction proposal. … Read More

FIGHTING BACK: New Steps Taken to Stop Negative Impacts of Short-Term Rentals

Dear Friends, Last week, the Paradise Valley Town Council took a key step in the fight against the negative impacts of short-term rentals. I wanted to share with you the Town’s press release regarding these important new measures. ———— The Paradise Valley Town Council has unanimously passed a series of amendments to the Town’s code to better protect the health … Read More

Paul Dembow Running for 4th Term in PV: Why Voters Must Reject Him This Time

Here we go again: Paradise Valley town councilmember Paul Dembow has announced his run for re-election. We were hoping to be spared, for him to go quietly into the night to work on himself, to spend more time with his family, or whatever graceful bow-out he chose. But no…here we are again. Dembow is now seeking his 4th term, which … Read More

Massive Water Rate Increases Avoided for Paradise Valley Customers

Dear Friends, Earlier today, I made final arguments for the Town at the Arizona Corporation Commission hearing on proposed rate increases for EPCOR water customers in Paradise Valley. I am very pleased to report that for the second time during my service as Mayor, the Town has achieved the excellent result of avoiding huge, sudden increases in water rates.  More details to be … Read More

A PV Shake-up – A Mayoral Battle and New Entrant for City Council Race is Making Waves in Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley politics haven’t always been the most exciting, but recent events demonstrate that 2022 will be different, as new entrants for Mayor and City Council will likely mix things up significantly. Councilmember Julie Pace recently submitted paperwork to run for Mayor in what will certainly be a closely watched battle against incumbent Jerry Bien-Willner. The two have had a … Read More

There’s More Work to Complete, With Your Ongoing Support

Dear Friends, I am writing to ask for your continued support as I work to preserve Paradise Valley’s status as Arizona’s premiere residential community. I am beginning my campaign for a renewed two-year mayoral term, and I would like to share my aspirations and my plans for our Town. The past two years have been a challenge for everyone, but I … Read More

Preserving their Quality of Life: In Face of inaction from State, Paradise Valley Proposes Restrictions on Short-term Rentals

Short-term rentals (STRs) facilitated by Airbnb and Vrbo have been a hot-button topic in Scottsdale for a while, turning into a campaign issue during last year’s election. The relative inaction at the state level has forced the hands of municipalities to do what they can to restrict them. Paradise Valley has recently started to do the same. Town Attorney Andrew … Read More

You Don’t Look a Day Over 40 – Paradise Valley Turns 60!

Happy birthday to one of America’s finest jewels of a town: Paradise Valley recently celebrated its 60th birthday! The celebration had been scheduled for April but was pushed back for Covid. It was attended by a who’s who of notable elected officials, including Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, Congressman David Schweikert, AZ Senator Christine Marsh and AZ Representative Kelli Butler. PV has … Read More

Electric Fire Trucks…in Paradise Valley? Wise Move or a Waste of Money?

You heard it right…the town of Paradise Valley is currently considering replacing part of its fire truck fleet with electric fire trucks. Why? It comes in response to an allocation of funding from the American Rescue Plan Act enacted as a response to the Covid-19 crisis and the financial issues it caused in its wake. According to Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, … Read More