A Match Made in Desert Paradise: Scottsdale Boosting Paradise Valley’s Tourism in a Big Way

Photo Credit: paradisevalley.gov

Paradise Valley and Scottsdale may be geographically right next to each other, but in most other ways they can be worlds apart. Scottsdale is often known for its boisterous entertainment venues, and PV is known for its one-acre lots and space.

Yet you probably didn’t know that Scottsdale and PV are partnered together on tourism through Scottsdale official tourist arms, Experience Scottsdale. And recently, the results have been little short of astounding.

According to Experience Scottsdale, $1 of advertising spending on behalf of PV has resulted in $116 of spending and $4 in tax revenue. That’s a Return on Investment that any corporation would be incredibly excited about, a self-perpetuating cycle of money printing. Moreover, they performed “brand lift” measurement strategies determining that those vacations would not have happened if it wasn’t for its aggressive marketing campaigns in several large metro areas in the United States.

Also notable from Rachel Sacco, CEO of Experience Scottsdale, was the support it has received from the PV Town Council. Regular readers and local political wonks may remember that short-term rentals were quite the hot-button issue in last year’s elections. Clearly there is enough capacity and demand at local resorts, which has apparently flourished from this advertising campaign and are sourcing more quality tourists nationally; those who have plenty of disposable income and aren’t using local properties as a disruptive playground. Bringing on Councilmember Anna Thomasson as a board liaison and Town Manager Andrew Ching onto the board of directors were clearly forward-thinking moves that are paying off in spades to all involved.

Moreover, it seems as though this is just the beginning. Experience Scottsdale will be utilizing digital advertising in the United Kingdom for the holiday season; surely Brits in the grips of the winter’s cold and overcast skies could certainly be convinced of the merits of 60 degrees (converted into Celsius, of course) and sunshine.

Frankly, at first glance it seems like an odd proposition: why would Experience SCOTTSDALE be working to promote Paradise Valley? But you can’t argue with results, in this case a fantastic ROI that benefits everyone involved via both economic stimulus and tax revenue. Truly well done.