The End of an Era in Old Town: Geisha A Go Go is Gone Gone

Restaurants come and go in Scottsdale; it’s a way of life in our ever-changing city in an ever-changing state, even more so since Covid. That said, some closures stand out, not only because of the time that they have been in the scene, but also because they gave the sense of being an institution, of something that was too much … Read More

Old Town Scottsdale May Sound Different Soon

By Kiana Conant Officials are facing a difficult task as they balance Old Town Scottsdale’s noise ordinance rules with a growing number of resident complaints in the area. On any given night, Old Town Scottsdale is a lively district filled with hundreds of restaurants, bars, shops, and nightclubs. Often seen as a premier destination for Arizona locals and tourists alike, … Read More

Scottsdale as a Destination for…Artists? Here’s Why We Agree

We are not at all shy about singing the praises of Scottsdale; be it as an ideal place to vacation, retire, or to get a little wild on a Saturday night. But a recent article from Smithsonian Magazine turned our heads, not just because of the source but also because it prompted us to think about the city in a … Read More

Scottsdale Again Exemplifying Greatness With….Alcoholic Ice Cream?

If you read this blog, you know that we love Scottsdale. We love the myriad fine dining options all around the city, and we love the incredible options to let your hair down and party in Old Town and elsewhere. But what about combining the two? How perfect would that be for Scottsdale? Well we don’t have to wait any … Read More

Conflict in Scottsdale City Council: Are They Looking for a Lawsuit?

It hasn’t been a big secret that Mayor David Ortega has had a sometimes contentious relationship with a few other members of the city council. That has recently come out in the open even more however, with a recent tift with Councilwoman Tammy Caputi coming to light and with potential stakes including a significant lawsuit. The most recent conflict is … Read More

Old Town Scottsdale Character Area Plan Open Houses TODAY

Have you ever wanted to be more aware and involved in the development and zoning issues in Old Town Scottsdale? Well today you can do just that! The City of Scottsdale will be holding open houses for citizens to learn more about the Plan and submit public comments: the second of two such open houses will occur today and requires … Read More