Old Town Scottsdale Character Area Plan Open Houses TODAY

Photo Credit: azcentral.com

Have you ever wanted to be more aware and involved in the development and zoning issues in Old Town Scottsdale? Well today you can do just that!

The City of Scottsdale will be holding open houses for citizens to learn more about the Plan and submit public comments: the second of two such open houses will occur today and requires registration. You can do so here. While this notice may hit you a little too late for the morning session, there are both midday and evening sessions you can attend.

What is the Old Town Scottsdale Character Area Plan? For starters, it is not to be confused with the Scottsdale General Plan 2035, which you have likely already received a ballot for. According to the city website, the Character Area Plan “serves as the comprehensive policy document that guides growth and development decisions for Scottsdale’s downtown. As an adopted Character Area Plan, the Old Town Scottsdale Plan incorporates community goals and policies consistent with (but not duplicative of) Scottsdale’s General Plan, yet specific to the special attributes of Old Town Scottsdale and how it functions”.

I think we all can agree how unique Old Town is and how vital it is to the spirit of Scottsdale. Unlike many metro areas, our city is rather transparent about the process and understands that stakeholders are myriad for this area. If you find yourself spending a lot of time in the area, you deserve to have your voice heard, or at least know enough about the process to use your voice as needed. We encourage all stakeholders, including everyday Scottsdalians who find themselves in Old Town often, to get involved and learn more.