You Only Have a Few More Days to Make Your Voice Heard: Help Shape the Future of Old Town

We always welcome a robust conversation and debate about the future in our comments section, on other online platforms and in real life. But chatting with each other, while useful, isn’t always productive insofar as making an impact in the real world is concerned. This is precisely why we are gigantic advocates for getting involved in your local politics and making your voice heard.

In that spirit, we have another fantastic opportunity to get involved, but one that is expiring this week. In advance of the potential ratification of the Old Town Scottsdale Character Area Plan, you will have until Feb. 8th to take a look at their open house and submit your thoughts and suggestions. More information can be found at this link.

Everyone knows how important Old Town is to the present and future of our city. The loudest voices and those with financial vested interests will always make their opinions heard, but that can drown out the silent majority of normal people who simply want to see a optimized outcome for our beloved city.

So please consider making your voice heard. After all, if you do that you have earned your right to complain!