Scottsdale Again Exemplifying Greatness With….Alcoholic Ice Cream?

Photo Credit: AZ Big Media

If you read this blog, you know that we love Scottsdale. We love the myriad fine dining options all around the city, and we love the incredible options to let your hair down and party in Old Town and elsewhere. But what about combining the two? How perfect would that be for Scottsdale?

Well we don’t have to wait any longer to find out: Buzzed Bull Creamery, a company specializing in alcohol-infused ice cream with locations primarily in the southeast, is making their furthest venture out west with their first Arizona location in Old Town Scottsdale.

The company uses liquid nitrogen to infuse alcohol into ice cream in a number of different flavors and liquors, including fan favorites Death By Chocolate and Honey Bourbon Pecan. Their location will be on Camelback Rd, right in the heart of Old Town, no doubt catching a mix of curious tourists and local revelers.

Buzzed Bull is based in Tennessee and currently only has eight locations open, but is clearly in hyper-growth mode. Along with their foray into Arizona, they are also in the process of opening their first locations in Florida and Kentucky, and are expanding from one to nine locations in Georgia. The locations are nearly all in warm locations, which of course makes sense. And considering the Arizona heat, perhaps no location is more apropos than Scottsdale.

More overarchingly though, we should consider ourselves lucky. When interesting new concepts want to enter the Arizona market, they have plenty of options. However, very often (especially in the hospitality and service sector) they start their Arizona journey in Scottsdale. It’s an excellent testament to just how world-class our city is, and we should feel honored to have so many top-notch options.