Old Town for Seniors: Can a Retirement Community in Scottsdale’s Party Zone Work?

Photo Credit: Hi Fi

Old Town Scottsdale…it’s revered nationally (perhaps sometimes even internationally) as the premier tourist area in Maricopa County. A litany of shops to spend money in during the day, and a bustling nightlife scene full of clubs and bars and tipsy patrons at night. One thing that it would absolutely never be confused for is the Sun City of the East Valley however.

That might change however, as the Scottsdale city council recently gave the green light for a aged 55 and over senior living community to proceed at the corner of Scottsdale and Osborn Roads. So what should we think of this? Will it work?

One thing that should be addressed first is that there is clearly a need. We have a dire shortage of housing, and multi-unit complexes like this will undoubtedly both increase supply and drive down costs for everyone involved. Additionally, for those who cannot afford a single family house within the city limits or simply don’t have the ability or desire to housekeep an entire property themselves, this represents a great opportunity

So do seniors even want to live so close to the action? Well, perhaps we are using the word “senior” a little too liberally. After all, this is a 55+ facility, and 55 year olds are smack dab in the middle of the Gen X generation, as much as it pains us to say it. Perhaps the folks who grew up on New Wave and entered adulthood to the sounds of hair metal still feel alive and energetic enough to participate in the nightlife of Old Town. Perhaps the first generation of tattooed elders still has some gas in the tank.

Also, the location seems to be fairly strategic. It is somewhat removed from the majority of the action, so noise levels likely won’t be a major issue. Also, the fact that it’s positioned right next to the HonorHeath facility is not lost on us. Within walking distances from good dining, good beverages, and hospital services…too smart to be accidental in all likelihood!

Is it perfect? Probably not. Few things in life are. But we have been screaming from the rooftops about the lack of housing and the need for more development in the area for years, and high construction standards have caused hiccups if not cancellations for plenty of strong development proposals in Scottsdale with this current iteration of the council. Sio we choose to be thankful that a useful development seems to be going forward, and some aging Gen Xers now have the ability to live in this great city and perhaps sow a couple wild oats.