Slacktivism Strikes Scottsdale: Very Few People Actually Turn Up to Comment on Old Town Character Plan

By Ronald Sampson

Photo Credit: the Scribble Bug







There is an old adage about government, that people get the government they deserve. The implication is that a general lack of interest or attention will lead to sub-optimal governance results. And the more things change, the more things stay the same, as Scottsdale residents have shown recently.

For a bit of context, there have been public meetings related to the Scottsdale Old Town Character Plan, a regular council initiative designed to set a plan for the development of Old Town (like the Scottsdale General Plan, but focused on Old Town). While these aren’t strictly binding, they are designed to set the tone and tenor for development and zoning concerns in the area going forward.

We have spoken at great length about NIMBYism and “activism” against any and all development in Scottsdale a few times here at APG. Plenty of Scottsdalians are more than willing to speak out at meetings for developments outside of where they even live, and yet…only an estimated 100 people have gotten involved in the Old Town planning process, as per the Scottsdale Independent

As per normal, it seems as though a lot of people want to try to make some waves, ruffle some feathers, and appear to be in a leadership capacity, but few actually want to do their homework.

I’m just wondering where all the people are who are more than willing to jump into the public comments for zoning or general council meetings, willing to badmouth a project miles away from them. Don’t they have thoughts on the Old Town plan? Where are they?

Actually, upon further thought, maybe I won’t complain about their absence. Maybe we’re better off with their silence. If only they would do so more often, Scottsdale would be a better place.