The Milwaukee Brewers Go To Scottsdale?

The late and legendary former Mayor of Scottsdale Herb Drinkwater decades ago dreamt what has indeed become true:  the WestWorld of Scottsdale area has become an epicenter for Valley activity. Drinkwater lured the Phoenix Open to former boondocker country from comfy country club confines, and then convinced Barrett-Jackson to go north too. Now, the country’s largest golf tournament, car auction … Read More

A Secret of Chandler, Arizona’s Economic Development Success

The business story of Chandler, Arizona over the past couple of decades is a compelling one.  Big jobs at big (and small) technology companies. There are many explanations for the city’s success.  But there is one not often discussed. It’s spelled A-P-S, as in Arizona Public Service. The company’s avaricious attitude toward rooftop solar over the past year has been … Read More

Chicago Cubs, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith & Arizona GOP Primary Politics

The Chicago Cubs are unquestionably the crown jewel of the Cactus League, and all that spring training means economically to our state. But will the Cubs be an asset or liability in the 2014 Republican primary contest for Governor? A little history first. Following the 1992 elections then Congressman Jon Kyl opted to run for the United States Senate, creating … Read More

Scandal, Bad Precedent Brewing In Peoria, Arizona?

So the City of Peoria wants neighboring Glendale to allow a new Indian gaming casino within its boundaries because it will create a lot of new jobs for the area.  But it doesn’t want to allow an aspiring business park, also in Glendale to put up outdoor billboards along the 101, to help do the same?  This isn’t an opinion … Read More

2014 Arizona Political Predictions

*Wendy Rogers wins the GOP right to take on Congresswoman Sinema.  General election tighter than expected but the Ironwoman triumphs.   *Martha McSally defeats Congressman Barber. *Speaker Tobin narrowly wins a knife fight against upstart Gary Kiehne.  Wins close victory over Kirkpatrick in 2014 but can’t hold it with the presidential turnout in 2016.  *Hallman’s money and tenacity capture GOP nod … Read More

Searching For Virginia Korte

When long-time Scottsdale businesswoman and community advocate Virginia Korte at long last decided to run for the City Council in 2012 her candidacy was rightfully lauded.  A former Chamber of Commerce President, car dealer on McDowell Road and early champion for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.  Impressive credentials indeed.  Korte ran in great part on achieving big things for Scottsdale, perhaps … Read More

The Surprising Dishonesty Of Arizona Republic Columnist Bob Robb

We’d like to think he was merely forgetful. But that would be generous considering how intellectually dishonest Arizona Republic columnist Robert Robb was today (Arizona Republic Dec. 20, 2013: When Glendale Was Boring)  in lampooning Glendale and basically any city striving for something more. It was the kind of audacity that doesn’t invoke anger but more of that chuckle and shake … Read More

This For North Scottsdale?

What is this? You’re not alone if confused.  It’s a proposed design for a new Chinese restaurant in north Scottsdale.  The photo has not been manipulated.  It is not a joke.  On November 21st the Scottsdale Design Review Board will decide whether this type of exotic, foreign design is appropriate for the area, or as it has at previous meetings … Read More