Solar Homes Sell Faster And For Higher Prices; Real Data Undermines Utility-Sponsored Rhetoric; Proves More Regulation Not Needed

An analysis of Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) residential sales data for the
past six months show that homes with solar actually sell faster and at much higher prices than
homes without solar.
solar chart
Through the end of 2014, homes with either owned or leased solar systems outpaced sales of
non-solar homes significantly. Contrary to what proponents of APS-backed SB1465 would like
the public to believe, solar leased homes sold the fastest of any home and at a higher price.
“This data proves what we have known all along; solar is a benefit to Arizona consumers and
makes homes more attractive to prospective buyers whether systems are leased or owned by
the original homeowner” said Mark Holohan, President of the Arizona Solar Energy Industries
Association (AriSEIA). “We ask that legislators take notice of this information the next time a
utility lobbyist sits in their office making baseless claims that solar makes it harder to sell a
home or doesn’t add value for homeowners.”

Of particular note is that while all solar has benefits, homes with leased systems actually sold
the quickest. “Hopefully our state legislature can now follow Governor Ducey’s lead, stop trying
to add regulations on top of regulations, and focus on making Arizona a leader in the booming
rooftop solar industry” said Court Rich, Vice-President of AriSEIA. “The legislature should not
be doing the bidding of utility special interests in an effort to regulate companies the utilities
don’t like out of the state” continued Rich, “Despite APS’s monopolistic desires, the people of
Arizona do not need to be protected from a technology that employs thousands of Arizonans,
saves homeowners money on their ever increasing electric bills, and helps homes sell faster
and for more money.”