Scottsdale’s YariWorld: It’s Damn Impressive

Pundits are always lauding vision. Where is it? Who has it? Why isn’t there more of it.
Scottsdale is fortunate. Leadership and vision have led to impressive achievements like the Indian Bend Wash, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Scottsdale Center for the Arts and Civic Center and the Waterfront Canal, to name just a few points of pride. Scottsdale-Sign-547x198
In its own way the achievement of Shawn Yari and Tri-Yar Development is a spectacular vision realized. Whether one likes what has been achieved in Scottsdale’s “Entertainment District” south of Camelback and east of Scottsdale Road – and we do – it is a stunning statement.
Some 20 years ago who could imagine let alone bring to life what is there now?
Yari was a well liked nightclub owner of Empire at 24th Street and Camelback. Les Corieri’s Jetz & Stix bar and club was on the west side of Scottsdale Road, near where Culinary Dropout now sits.
History knows the two groups didn’t much like each other, until business wisdom dictated a partnership and alliance.
The rest is history.
Cake. Bottled Blonde. Majerle’s. A W Hotel. Hi-Fi. The International. The Derby. Maya. LiveWire. El Hefe. Whiskey Row. And now luxury apartments springing to life on adjoining blocks. So much so is the energy and desire of young professional to live near it, that Scottsdale’s former White Elephant, The Galleria, is full with young, high-tech companies. Oh, and Yari just bought that too.
Other restaurants in the area are spring to life as well, advantaging what Yari has created. Diego Popps, The Breakfast Club, Morning Squeeze, The Upton. There are more.
But they all revolve around the energy of a vision that has transformed a previously, boring, sleepy and non-descript area into one of the best entertainment districts west of the Mississippi.
Do yourself a favor and visit the area one afternoon, one night or perhaps during all of the excitement during the Super Bowl. It is Scottsdale investment and ingenuity at its very best.