The Smile & The Gray Hair

Northeast Valley residents saw change after the recent elections.
The Town of Paradise Valley will see the most after movings, goings and retirements.
And Scottsdale will incur some too as those more cautious about the city’s growth trajectory were narrowly favored.
While others could certainly be noted, one victor in each municipality exemplifies the marketplace filling that which they constantly request in more candidates: talent and regard.
Take Councilman-elect Mark Stanton in the 85253. Frequent smile. Good humor. Looks you in the eyes. And has served in the private and public sector with distinction. First as an accomplished public relations executive, then as the as the Deputy Director for the Arizona Office of Tourism.
With more gray hair across the border is Scottsdale’s David Smith. He can be prickly, but whether one is in agreement with him there is little doubting his brain cells and financial acumen. People like him are needed to check government largesse and inefficiency.

Each of these newly minted elected officials will surely make decisions not well liked as they are making those considered the opposite.
But no matter where they stand the public can know of measured, accomplished decision-makers because of where they have stood.