Lessons Learned & Potential Reforms For Paradise Valley

On August 2nd Paradise Valley voters said adios to long-time Paradise Valley Councilman Paul Dembow. Long a skinny dipper in the cesspool, Dembow’s demise is both reason for celebration and opportunity to make reforms due to his abuses and abhorrence. The first is term limits. The new Town Council should take the notion up as one of its initial orders … Read More

Paradise Valley’s Long Nightmare is Over: Paul Dembow is Out

In the immortal words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice”. It took 12 years worth of arc, but Paradise Valley finally found its justice in the form of a thorough electoral spanking. After three terms as Town Councilman, Paul Dembow lost his bid for a fourth term, and … Read More

As If Paul Dembow In Paradise Valley Could Get Any Weirder

Why does it seem that most things involving embattled Paradise Valley Town Councilman Paul Dembow circulate around unethic and sleaze? Wrongly, even comically, Dembow is seeking a FOURTH term on the Town Council.  That’s a man with an identity crisis.  How else to explain someone wanting a 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th year on an unpaid dais in a community that has a … Read More

Paradise Valley Town Council Candidates Sounding Off on Development – A Clue as to Which Issue Will Become a Rallying Cry for the Election

We are only a handful of weeks away from the 2022 primary election in Arizona, but that represents the main election for the Paradise Valley races for Town Council and Mayor. While there are several issues that the candidates are talking about, development is a common campaign theme amongst the candidates. So the timing is nearly perfect that a Ritz-Carlton … Read More

Paradise Valley Candidates Sound Off: What We Would Like to See

As you likely know, we will have a contested race for both the Paradise Valley Town Council as well as Mayor. If you read this regularly (or even occasionally) you know that we are not a gigantic fan of Paul Dembow and precisely why. But what else is there to focus on in Paradise Valley? What are we looking for … Read More

Experience Matters…but Not Temperament?

This may not come as the biggest surprise to many of you, but we are not the biggest fans of Paradise Valley Town Councilman Paul Dembow. You can up-to-date on why here…or here…or here…but you get the picture. So of course we were tickled pink when we saw that the Paradise Valley Independent ran an op-ed of his recently titled, … Read More

Phoenix Lets Dembow Off the Hook – Now It’s Up to Voters to Push Him Into Retirement

We have not been shy about our disdain for Paradise Valley Town Councilman Paul Dembow. After his infamous cross-stealing incident, we had hopes that the judicial system would deal a significant blow to his re-election campaign. We recently spoke about how his case had been bouncing around the area’s legal jurisdictions. Unfortunately, it seems as though our hopes are dashed. … Read More

Dembow Theft Case Stuck in Limbo – Will the Courts Hurry Up Already??

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to regular readers that we are not particularly big fans of Paradise Valley Councilman Paul Dembow. From the unconscionable action of stealing a cross from a grieving family, to his entirely unnecessary decision to run for a 4th term, to general issues with demeanor and charges of improper dealings, we believe that he … Read More