Experience Matters…but Not Temperament?

Photo Credit: paradisevalley.gov

This may not come as the biggest surprise to many of you, but we are not the biggest fans of Paradise Valley Town Councilman Paul Dembow. You can up-to-date on why here…or here…or here…but you get the picture.

So of course we were tickled pink when we saw that the Paradise Valley Independent ran an op-ed of his recently titled, “Experience Matters”. We couldn’t wait to carve into it like we were a steak knife at Mastro’s. Shall we?

He starts out strong with “If you like where you live, I am your candidate”. Definitely not any of the other two incumbents running for Town Council, just him. Certainly no whiff of ego there.

He then goes into the litany of other people that have been in office in the 11 long, LONG years that he has and segues into the five children he’s raised in the town. You’d think that spending that much time in UNPAID public office would be a good catalyst to actually spend more time with your family, and not in the way that scandal-ridden politicians do so, but in an honest and real way. But nope.

That flows nicely into more bragging about PV and his 100% voting record for all the good things. Here’s a pro-tip for you: if someone has been in office for 11 years and says that they have a 100% positive voting record on six different unequivocally positive things, there is a 98% chance that they are playing very fast and loose with the truth (we’d say 100%, but that would be so very Dembow of us).

Then we learned that he is on the board of Experience Scottsdale; we’re glad that he likes Scottsdale resorts, but…cool, we guess? Next we hear that he is the only candidate not asking anyone for money; we’re glad that you hate fundraising and can afford to drop $20K into a town council race, but does that really make you a better person? Your friend the Mayor (who actually is fundraising) would likely disagree.

Lastly, the REAL fun: “I won’t waste resources, mine or yours, on paying someone to spin my work and my values into a pretty picture through paid advertising”. Cool. But you will ALLEGEDLY ask the Town Attorney to do something about mean things said about you online, because ALLEGEDLY using taxpayer resources to protect your own image is definitely better than using willing donor dollars to tell voters about your platform.

Paul Dembow: he never fails to deliver…to those who write for a living that is, he is a perpetual motion machine of golden content. For his constituents however…we hope that you’re growing tired of him.