Paradise Valley Town Council Candidates Sounding Off on Development – A Clue as to Which Issue Will Become a Rallying Cry for the Election

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We are only a handful of weeks away from the 2022 primary election in Arizona, but that represents the main election for the Paradise Valley races for Town Council and Mayor. While there are several issues that the candidates are talking about, development is a common campaign theme amongst the candidates. So the timing is nearly perfect that a Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley resort is about to open, just in time for the candidates to sound off about it.

That’s why we were particularly interested in this piece where the candidates sound off about the development. What can we glean from it? For starters, you get compelling insight into how each of the candidates think.

Incumbent councilmember Ellen Andeen’s insight into it was the most detailed, certainly when it comes to the financial perspective (appropriate, since her career was until quite recently in finance). She breaks down the economic aspects of it with clear insight, including the potential tax revenue, and segues into the need for an investment manager to prudently manage the funds it will potentially bring in. Clearly this is in her wheelhouse and demonstrates the value she brings to the Council.

Christine Labelle also hints to her professional experience in her response, speaking as a realtor who is used to selling the merits of the town to prospective buyers. She acknowledged not being on Council when it had been discussed previously, and instead focuses on the positive aesthetics and the need to focus on quality for future developments.

Anna Thommason’s response was on the shorter end, but is still positive. She brings up the tax revenue it will bring to the town’s coffers and demonstrates unequivocal support for the project.

Lastly, our old friend Paul Dembow. He’s also in favor of it.

It is a positive sign that unlike in Scottsdale where seemingly any project has a contentious road through City Council, that Paradise Valley’s leadership seems to agree that quality development is a strong asset to their town. Additionally, the candidates’ focus on the positive financial outcomes as well as the positive merits of the project demonstrate that they are dedicated to preserving the fantastic quality of time in Paradise Valley.