Scottsdale State of the City Address: What To Glean From It

Mayor Dave Ortega recently had his State of the City address, done via Zoom and available for viewing on YouTube. Generally an avenue to brag about accomplishments and talk about initiatives for the future, it’s often a way to get insight into the priorities of the Mayor. So how about this one? For those who don’t want to watch the … Read More

Street Racing Comes to Scottsdale – City is Wisely Clamping Down on It

We all know that Scottsdale typically strikes a nice balance between being a quiet place to live and raise a family and having a robust party scene. When that robust party scene turns into streets being blocked off with street racing, and thus imperiling others, it has gone too far. Street racers recently took over the intersection of Camelback and … Read More

Conflict in Scottsdale City Council: Are They Looking for a Lawsuit?

It hasn’t been a big secret that Mayor David Ortega has had a sometimes contentious relationship with a few other members of the city council. That has recently come out in the open even more however, with a recent tift with Councilwoman Tammy Caputi coming to light and with potential stakes including a significant lawsuit. The most recent conflict is … Read More

Scottsdale’s State of the City Address: What We Would Like to See

Scottsdale Mayor Dave Ortega has his first State of the City address coming up next month. Typically such addresses, like you’ve often seen at the Presidential level, are both a celebration of successes (both touted and actual) as well as a declaration of future initiatives. With it being Ortega’s first, after a not-uninteresting first year in office, we are deeply … Read More

Scottsdale Votes Yes on Proposition 463

As you are likely aware, yesterday was Election Day, and aside from some big-ticket bellwether races across the country, Scottsdale cast its vote for or against the Scottsdale General Plan 2035, or Proposition 463. While votes are left to count, it appears to be on its way to victory. After the first batch of votes counted, which typically includes nearly … Read More

Scottsdale General Plan 2035 is Coming to Your Ballot. Why Should You Vote Yes?

While Scottsdale governance has generally been befitting of our world class status, one way that it has fallen below expectations is their lack of ratification of a general plan in the recent past. These plans, which are supposed to be updated and ratified by the voters every 10 years, had not been updated in two decades. That will change with … Read More

Guest Editorial: Let’s make downtown Scottsdale great again!

By James Derouin Mayor Ortega wraps himself in virtue when speaking about Scottsdale’s downtown. His motives, interests and alliances, however, need to be understood. Read more here –>,254664