How Big is the Multifamily Housing Issue in Scottsdale? Now We Know

If you read this blog regularly, we don’t have to tell you: the rental crisis is real, it is truly rearing its ugly head in Arizona, and while multifaceted, one of the biggest drivers of it is a shortage in supply. This is why we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about the need for additional housing supply, and there are … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Club Policy Produces Calls of Discrimination – Does Old Town Have a Race Problem?

By Alexander Lomax APG readers almost certainly are aware of the brilliant nightlife that Scottsdale, and more specifically Old Town, offers both residents and tourists. We would like to think that said nightlife both walks the line between debauched and out-of-control (although recent spats of violence imply that maybe that line hasn’t been walked too effectively). One topic that is … Read More

The Breakdown – The Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Arizona Treasurer

In our new segment called The Breakdown, we pick apart one statewide race and see how things are lining up for all of the candidates that will make it on the ballot. Last week we highlighted what will be an unfortunately boring Mine Inspector race, We thankfully get a bit more intrigue for today’s subject, the State Treasurer race. So … Read More

Ironwood 92 is Back with Changes – What Happened?

We all could use a second chance or two in life. Often times when a development project is deemed insufficient within city councils, they don’t often get a good second chance. The cost of starting from scratch or making the changes necessary to please those in charge is too high and simply not worth it. We have written about Ironwood … Read More

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty Partners with Historic Phoenix Baptist Church and Donates 15 Person Passenger Van to Aid Critical Social Services and Programs

Wednesday, May 18th at 1:30pm First Institutional Baptist Church 1141 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85034 On Wednesday, May 18th at 1:30p.m. Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty will hand over the keys to a 15 passenger Chevrolet Van to the social services arm of First Institutional Baptist Church to help aid in the operations of providing to the needy in the community. Accepting the donation … Read More

The Breakdown – Arizona’s Idiosyncratic Jewel: State Mine Inspector

Us at the Arizona Progress Gazette take seriously our duty to provide for you well thought out and reasonable takes (not hot takes, but perhaps medium/mild takes), and we do love to talk local politics. We love to mix the quantitative with the qualitative and add a few dashes of insider baseball to figure out what’s really going on. In … Read More

Guest Editorial: Barry Graham is Wrong for Scottsdale

By Larry Kush When Barry Graham was first appointed to the Scottsdale Planning Commission eyes rolled in the Scottsdale Planning Department as staff was aware that Mr. Graham had exactly zero experience in the planning and zoning practice and policies needed to make intelligent zoning decisions.  He went on to prove their fears, by voting no on nearly every, much … Read More

Further Turmoil at SUSD: Lawsuits are Filed Against the Greenburgs

Well we had about one week of kumbaya-esque good feelings about the Scottsdale Unified School District; as regular readers will note, just last week we wrote about Scott Menzel’s contract extension and how much he deserves it, having navigated SUSD through a significant amount of turmoil. Well grab your popcorn folks, because Menzel is going to earn that extension. This … Read More

Scottsdale’s New Spending Plan: What’s In It, What’s Not

The City of Scottsdale recently released their spending plan, a robust $2.1 billion plan that partly came about as a result of unexpectedly strong revenue. Sales tax revenue is at $46.4 million above what was budgeted for the last two years COMBINED, according to City Treasurer Sonia Andrews, a strong indicator of the major bounceback that we’ve had in tourism, … Read More

Paradise Valley Candidates Sound Off: What We Would Like to See

As you likely know, we will have a contested race for both the Paradise Valley Town Council as well as Mayor. If you read this regularly (or even occasionally) you know that we are not a gigantic fan of Paul Dembow and precisely why. But what else is there to focus on in Paradise Valley? What are we looking for … Read More