Menzel Proving His Value Again at Performance Pay Meeting: While Progressive Areas Decry Importance of Math, He Prioritizes It

Scottsdale Unified Superintendent Scott Menzel was recently on the hot seat in his recent assessment, where his performance pay came under light fire by board members perhaps trying to look tough in the face of potential recall elections and re-election campaigns. Superintendent Menzel recently showed why he deserves the benefit of nearly any doubt, and how he plans to help … Read More

The Absurdity is Over: All 4 SUSD Recall Attempts Fail

By Alexander Lomax Could it be? Common sense reigns over irrational anger? Someone get the fainting couch, I am getting the vapors! Yes, it is with a certain degree of jubilation and relief that I can announce that the four attempted recall elections of Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board members have all failed, None of them got the nearly … Read More

The Waste Management Phoenix Open is About to Get Even Wilder: With Sports Betting

By Ronald Sampson We all know the reputation of the Waste Management Phoenix Open, the biggest golf event in Arizona every year: wild, raucous, salacious, and whatever other adjective you’d use to describe an excellent party. And now, they’re about to turn the volume up to 11…with sports betting. The Scottsdale City Council, in conjunction with the Tournament Player’s Club … Read More

Guest Editorial: the Month in Review

By Councilwoman Betty Janik It has been my pleasure to serve the Scottsdale residents as a member of City Council in 2021. The first year of my term has gone by quickly. I ran to be a voice for the citizens and I will continue to listen to you, meet with you, and work for the best Scottsdale. I welcome … Read More