Guest Editorial: Scottsdale “Crime Spree”

By Jan Dubauskas You deserve to be safe in your home. And in Scottsdale, we expect to not only feel safe – but to be absolutely safe. It’s frightening reading stories about the uptick in crime in big cities and yet, the crime sprees we’ve been reading about in New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles are now happening in our … Read More

Axon Rezoning Debacle Already Causing Major Uproar

Regular readers and folks in North Scottsdale very likely already know about the extremely controversial rezoning plan by taser manufacturer Axon. In short, they purchased a very large parcel of land right next to their headquarters that was originally zoned as being specifically for industrial or office use with residential use specifically prohibited. However, they later decided to attempt to … Read More

Arizona GOP in Chaos: Kari Lake Espionage Leads to Chair DeWit Resignation

Ohhhh what a week it was for Arizona Republicans…but not in a good way. In an incredible roller coaster ride, the party is now attempting to dig out of self-inflicted peril. It all started with a bombshell: Kari Lake recorded a private meeting with state party Chair Jeff DeWit where DeWit attempted to make her offers she could not refuse … Read More

Data Orbital Secures #10 Spot in FiveThirtyEight’s Prestigious Pollster Rankings

Editor’s Note: Data Orbital conducted the recent polling regarding the Scottsdale mayoral race, Axon rezoning, and other local issues that we have shared on this blog In a notable recognition of its dedicated approach to data analytics and polling, Data Orbital proudly announces its ranking as the #10 pollster in the nation in FiveThirtyEight’s 2024 pollster ratings. We achieved the … Read More

Diving Deeper Into The Recent Scottsdale Poll Numbers

The recent poll commissioned by The Arizona Progress & Gazette has provided some interesting insights about how residents feel about the current status of Scottsdale, the people leading the city, and some important issues facing residents and voters. Today we break down the numbers further and interpret some dynamics behind the responses. Right Direction/Wrong Direction • 41.8% believe Scottsdale is … Read More

Guest Editorial: Entering My Next Chapter

By Paradise Valley Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner Dear Fellow Paradise Valley Resident: With election season starting, many of you have inquired about my plans. After careful consideration and despite ample encouragement, I’ve decided not to seek re-election for a fourth term as Paradise Valley’s mayor. I would like to share with you the reasoning behind this choice. Leading our beloved community … Read More

Phoenix’s Water Management Dilemma: Politics, Sustainability and Resources

By Grace Chapman Within the arid landscape of Arizona, water is a necessary resource as this summer saw scorching temperatures up to 116 degrees. Therefore it is imperative that Arizona’s local and state governments understand how to navigate water resources within the state. Phoenix faces a formidable challenge of managing water resources during climate change and growing urbanization. Most of … Read More

BREAKING: Additional Scottsdale Polling Information With Some Good News And Some OK News For Those Who Want To See More Resources For Public Safety, Preserve, And Parks

The recent survey the Arizona Progress & Gazette commissioned on Scottsdale politics and issues (including Monday’s results released on the 2024 Mayor’s race and Tuesday’s post on Axon’s efforts to add nearly 2,000 apartments to its previously approved plans) also provides a fascinating peak into the electorate’s mood when it comes to two key issues that may appear on the … Read More