Guest Editorial: A Climb For Heroes

By Scottsdale Pinetop Reaching the highest point in the world has long been an object of fascinations for many explorers, risk seekers and the above-average traveler. For some, it’s a bucket-list item. For others, it’s a physical and emotional challenge worth taking. But for some, it serves a higher purpose. And that was exactly the case for Scottsdale Fire Chief … Read More

Guest Editorial: A Place Where Women Are Most Successful

By Scottsdale Pinetop In Scottsdale, we are known for a lot of great things. Just to list a few… Our city has been acknowledged on numerous occasions as North American’s top golf destination. Nationally acclaimed as a leading tourist destination thanks largely to events like Barrett-Jackson, spring training and the city’s five-star resorts and hotels. The city is home to … Read More

Guest Editorial: #NeverShutUp

By Gilbert Guru #NeverShutUp inspired a 10-year-old, Gavin Henss to start Giving Sole, a Phoenix-based non-profit that gives brand name, brand new shoes to kids in the foster care system. At a Suns vs. Cavs game, Gavin created a sign that said, “King James 23 You are More than an Athlete #NeverShutUp.” The poster got the attention of Lebron James, … Read More

Know Your Audience

There have been some recent stories in local media about the Goldwater Institute jumping into a Scottsdale issue about access to its public swimming pools. The organization is intervening on behalf of a for-profit Valley-based swim company called Neptune.  Neptune argues, as does Goldwater, that Scottsdale should basically commercialize its pools to favor it, over Scottsdale schools and local non-profits … Read More

Guest Editorial: A New Low

By Alexander Lomax In my 16 years in Arizona, I have witnessed quite a few low moments from the AZ GOP. What is currently going on with our farce of an election audit may take the cake, however. Our elections are amongst the most sacred of rituals in our society, with a proper amount of checks and balances in place … Read More

Quote Of The Day

“Our code of conduct now matches our openness and Western hospitality. We are raising awareness, guarding individualism, providing safe work and living spaces. With sincere effort, we improve Arizona one city at a time.” — Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega, speaking in support of the city’s new non-discrimination ordinance, passed unanimously on April 20, 2021

Godmother And Goodness

This week it took a newly constituted Scottsdale City Council to do what should have been done years previous:  pass a non-discrimination ordinance providing greater protections for the community’s LGBTQ community. Kudos to Mayor Ortega and a unanimous City Council for a job very well done.  We won’t say it was a politically easy vote.  Look what is going on … Read More

Guest Editorial: Not Your Typical Fairy Godparent

By Scottsdale Pinetop At one moment or another, we’ve all wished for our own fairy godparent to grant our deepest wishes. Made popular by Disney’s Cinderella, a fairy godmother is the physical embodiment of hope and is devoted to making dreams come true. And while they may not fit the traditional depiction of a “fairy godmother”, one non-profit organization known … Read More

Guest Editorial: Safety Message for Old Town Districts

A Message Sent On Behalf Of Scottsdale Police District 2 Command Staff  In an effort to continue collaboration on safety in our community, we wanted to alert Old Town businesses, including bar and hotel security and staff, to be vigilant in the coming days as the potential for civil unrest could again occur within our city. The difference between this … Read More

It’s A Growing Crisis In The Valley, Especially Scottsdale

Is a city or town the better when their teachers, police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers and others can no longer afford to live in the place they serve?  This is a question facing many Arizona cities, but most especially Scottsdale, as rising rents and home values are creating unprecedented problems. Kudos to Arizona Republic real estate reporter Catherine Reagor for … Read More