Speaker’s Corner: Lisa Borowsky

This is a place where free speech and public debate are welcomed and encouraged. The Speakers’ Corner originated in the mid-19th century at London’s Hyde Park. The concept spread worldwide both physically and now virtually. Here at the Arizona Progress & Gazette, we are presenting this platform in the form of question-and-answer style interviews with people who have had a meaningful impact on the community.

Former Scottsdale Councilmember Lisa Borowsky is running for Mayor in a race that includes incumbent David Ortega and Former Councilmember Linda Milhaven. She served on the Scottsdale City Council from 2008 to 2012. She spent her career as an attorney representing homeowners throughout the Valley for construction problems and other concerns.

It’s been more than a decade since you were on the City Council. What prompted you to want to run for Mayor?

As a lifelong Scottsdale resident, I am passionate about the future of our city, but I am concerned about the direction the current administration is taking us. Our city’s rich, western heritage and renegade spirit laid the foundation for the lifestyle and economic vitality we all enjoy today. Scottsdale has a reputation as the top tourism destination of the southwest which we must prioritize, protect and build upon.

As Mayor, my vision for our future prioritizes high-quality projects, residential and commercial, expanding our tourism and entertainment options. and improving those we already enjoy, such as Old Town and Westworld. My office will actively encourage and rely upon the input of residents, business owners, event producers, and other stakeholders; together, we will accomplish world class results.

I understand overdevelopment is top of mind for an overwhelming majority of our citizens, and I agree it must be reined in. However, an equally big concern is the irresponsible spending at City Hall. My record on Council evidences my commitment to a fiscally conservative approach to protecting taxpayer dollars. Transparency and accountability are missing at City Hall under the current administration which we cannot afford.

What is your assessment of Mayor Ortega?

He’s enamored with being the Mayor.

Editor’s Note: 
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You are widely viewed as a conservative candidate. Is that an accurate assessment and do you feel it works for or against you in Scottsdale’s present political climate?

As a fiscal conservative, I have a record of overseeing taxpayer dollars responsibly. My fiscal conservative leanings are an advantage in any political climate.

As someone who has owned a business in Scottsdale, what is your take on Scottsdale’s economy and how could it be improved?

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Scottsdale. As Mayor, I envision reaching local business owners in a meaningful way to gather input and, ideally, collaboration with the city to enhance the future of Scottsdale’s economy for all.

What is your definition of smart growth?

As Mayor, attracting high quality projects is my top priority when it comes to growth. I will work with my Council colleagues to ensure we are sensitive to the needs and goals of our residents. On my watch, the Council will encourage and, more importantly, listen to citizen input about the future of our great city. Expanding tourism attractions, events and venues are top priorities once elected. We must maintain and grow Scottsdale’s place as the tourism capital of the southwest.

Is Scottsdale’s housing shortage a crisis and what should be done about it?

The city should not interfere in market driven home prices or housing stock which are matters for the private sector. I do not think there is a housing shortage or crisis.

Is traffic in Scottsdale a problem and what should be done about it?

Density is increasing and increased traffic is the consequence. The City should withdraw from the regional road improvement fund and put our taxpayer dollars to better use within our city limits.

Do you support or oppose increasing Scottsdale’s spending limits as outlined in the Permanent Base Adjustment ballot item? (feel free to elaborate)

Oppose. The current administration’s reckless spending should not be rewarded with an increase to the spending cap.

Do you support or oppose a measure to reduce and replace an expiring city sales tax to fund improvements to parks at the Indian Bend Wash and upkeep at the McDowell Sonoran Preserve? (feel free to elaborate)

Oppose. The current administration’s reckless spending should not be rewarded with an additional tax revenue stream.

What do you like best about living in Scottsdale?

My family and friends, my neighborhood, and my horses.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure restaurant?

Carlsbad Tavern

As someone who grew up in Scottsdale, if you could bring back a long gone business or restaurant from your childhood, what would it be?