Delivering News in a Different Way: Thank You for Our Impressive Growth

Friends, we try not to dwell too much on the statistics of this website; it may come off as a bit indulgent. But with that said, sometimes we are taken aback and thankful for your readership and your participation, and we just had to share. Last year, we had over 112,000 different readers here in America, and about 75,000 coming from here in Arizona. Those numbers are already being left in the dust, as in the last twelve months we have increased our readership up to over 124,000 American readers.

On top of that, with over 456,000 individual page views, many of you are reading multiple articles, which we appreciate since we pride ourselves on having diverse viewpoints on a number of different subjects. And with over 96,000 of our readers in Arizona over the last 12 months, our localized content is clearly getting to the right people.

We do our best to provide news with a take; other organizations with teams of reporters will report the news, but we digest information, attempt to provide both sides of that story, and give you an angle or perspective that you haven’t thought of, or maybe you have but you hadn’t seen elsewhere. We’re not perfect, but when you take a chance as we try to do, you never are.

Apparently it’s working to some degree, but it only works with you. Otherwise we’re just typing into a void, a tree that falls in the forest.

But one thing we ask of you: engage us. Leave comments and continue the conversation under these stories. We’ll be honest…many of the comments aren’t positive. We often take a side, and that will naturally irk some people, either organically or by representatives of a party that we were critical of. They aren’t always easy to read (and yes, we do read them), but so long as they’re not abusive, all’s fair in love, war, and blogs.

Our society thrives with conversation, with banter, with an exchange of ideas. You have honored ours and seem to appreciate it (even if sometimes you tell us that we’re wrong). Thank you for listening, and help us build a better society with thoughtful banter in the comments.

Ohhh, and please share any and all articles you like, and even ones you don’t. Because 124,000 readers is cool, but 150,000 would be cooler. 🙂