Arizona Maintains Status as Conspiracy Central, and We’re All Dumber as a Result

By Alexander Lomax The old and tired phrase in local politics amongst left-leaning folks has been “You can’t spell crazy without AZ”. And while the state has certainly moderated some away from that moniker as well as the “meth lab of democracy” name that Senator Sinema famously labeled us, we have unfortunately become Ground Zero for the zaniest and dumbest … Read More

High Fashion Meets Professional Sports – An Incredible Event TONIGHT!

The new owners of our Arizona Coyotes, the Meruelo family, are blazing serious trails in our community and truly making a name for themselves in the rarified air of professional sports team ownership. Tonight you will have the opportunity to take part and witness history for yourself. In what is a first in Arizona’s franchise sports history, perhaps even a … Read More

Superintendent Menzel Saved By Strong Support

It has been a tumultuous past month or so for Scottsdale Unified School District superintendent Scott Menzel. After Fox News uncovered a 2019 interview where Menzel seems to support ideas that many would consider “woke”, he has been the target of Republican legislators and a cause de celebre for local Democrats (you can get up to speed on the entire … Read More

Skate Where The Coyotes Play! Valley Residents Invited to Skate FREE at Mullet Arena on Saturday, March 4th from 9:15am to 10:15am

Hosted by the Arizona Coyotes, This FREE Skate Event Offers Valley Residents a Chance to Meet Special Guests and Learn More About How Tempe Wins by Voting Yes on Proposition 301, 302 303 on May 16th   Join the Arizona Coyotes and Tempe Wins for a fun-filled ice-skating session! On Saturday, March 4th from 9:15am – 10:15am Valley residents will gain FREE admission to Mullet Arena for an open skate event as … Read More

Mayor Ortega Capitulates on Rio Verde Water Crisis, but Work is Left to Do

Public outrage has a way of swaying politicians. So does looking around and seeing that you’re on an island with a particular view. Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega apparently has learned this firsthand, and it seems to have shifted the conversation regarding the most notable and controversial topic so far this year. After public disagreement and obstinance, it now seems as … Read More

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Ends Up Being an Economic (Horse) Powerhouse

Scottsdale has a well deserved reputation for being an international tourist destination. Aside from the amenities that tourists and regulars alike can enjoy, there are also quite a few truly special events that make it stand out amongst its brother and sister cities within the Valley. One of those events is the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Arizona’s cornerstone of equestrian … Read More