Guest Editorial: The Man with the Plan

by Alexander Lomax Politics has been inundated with unrealistic promises since the beginning of politics. It is easy to promise, especially when your average voter often doesn’t understand what’s possible to achieve within a given political framework. Delivering on those promises is a different matter though. Scottsdale Mayor Dave Ortega has had a relatively smooth first few months in office … Read More

Guest Editorial: A Little Bit of Kindness

By Phoenix Fuel It has been said that a small act of kindness can go a long way and can inspire others to do the same. And thanks to the generous efforts of one community leader, this one simple act made all the difference to a Phoenix mother and her son. Michelle Campuzano is a single mother to her son … Read More

#LocalBuzz: Q&A With Scottsdale City Councilman Tom Durham

By Scottsdale Pinetop It’s been over five months since Scottsdale welcomed its newly elected city council members, who all earned their seats at the Nov. 3 General Election, including Councilman Tom Durham who gathered 58,194 votes in last year’s election. Mr. Durham and his wife have lived in Scottsdale since 2015. He became interested in local politics in 2018 during … Read More

Guest Editorial: When Adults Act Like Children

By Alexander Lomax Throughout my lifetime I have seen more than a few instances of parents acting more immaturely than their own children. This phenomenon went on steroids in Scottsdale recently, however, as a group of about 100 adults decided to crash a Scottsdale Unified School Board meeting and refused to wear masks when they were asked to. Once it … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Gift of Sight

By Gilbert Guru More than 10 million children in low-income communities are forced to live each and every day without clear vision. EyeCare4Kids provides the solution and is helping kids in the Valley see the leaves on a tree: clearly and affordably. EyeCare4Kids has been in the Valley for years offering kids affordable eye care, and its mission just became … Read More

#LocalBuzz: Q & A With Scottsdale City Councilwoman Betty Janik

By Scottsdale Pinetop It’s been over five months since Scottsdale welcomed its newly elected city council members, who all earned their seats at the Nov. 3 General Election. Councilwoman Betty Janik gathered 59,753 votes in last year’s General Election, making her the top vote-getter among all city council candidates. Born and raised in Chicago, IL Councilwoman Janik and her husband … Read More

Guest Editorial: Finding the Right Balance

By Alexander Lomax Depending on your general views of governance as well as whether you agree with who is in charge at the moment, the separation of federal, state and local rules and regulations can be seen as both positive and negative. This has been pushed out to the forefront with the Covid pandemic: grumbling can be found across the … Read More

Guest Editorial: The QAnon Senator

By Alexander Lomax I’d like to think that we all could agree that the more people get vaccinated, the quicker we can have a legitimate return to normalcy. It shouldn’t be controversial; that was probably ADOT’s assumption when they put up digital highway signs saying “Want to return to normal? Get Vaccinated”. But never doubt state Senator Kelly Townsend’s ability … Read More

Guest Editorial: Welcome to the Meth Lab of Democracy

By Alexander Lomax The eyes of the nation are on Arizona, and it’s not pretty. Certainly, you are aware of the election audit farce going on right now. Well since my last rant about it, we’ve had a few new developments that have put Arizona neck-and-neck with the likes of Florida when it comes to embarrassing stories. Perhaps you’ve seen … Read More