Paradise Valley Quackery

As opposition known, and unknown, continues to grow to an unprecedented redevelopment plan proposed for the Smoketree hotel property in the Town of Paradise Valley, dubious behind the scenes activity make this an even more interesting case. The Paradise Valley Town Council currently has two members that voted against the impressive Ritz-Carlton project still coming to life, against all odds.  … Read More

About Last Night . . .

Scottsdale surprised, again, with Tuesday’s election results.  Just as it did in the August primary.  Some quick observations and opinions. *The typical campaign correlation between spending and winning held true in the case of now Scottsdale City Councilwoman-Elect Tammy Caputi.  No one spent, raised or contributed more of their own money.  But it didn’t when it came to Tom Durham … Read More

Janik: Call for Calm

By Betty Janik Candidate, Scottsdale City Council This has been an extremely difficult time for our country. Polarizing election, interference from foreign adversaries trying to hack our election, and then there is COVID.  But remember, we are a strong nation.  We value our democratic form of government.  We will persevere.  I believe that we will respond peacefully to the election … Read More

Not What Scottsdale Needed But A Response To Hate We Can Celebrate

Scottsdale’s Arts District was devastated by the pandemic’s onset, shutting tourism down during the area’s high season.  Then the protests and riots came two months later, causing a new round of turmoil as galleries and small businesses boarded up to protect property. Then, this weekend happened.  Along Main Street’s western flank disturbing and disgusting conduct by resident Paul Ng has … Read More

Important Horsepower For Scottsdale

With its heavy reliance on tourism Scottsdale has been a city hit particularly hard by the economic consequences of a pandemic. We applaud municipal leaders for allowing its public safety officials to review potential event applications at city facilities.  Don’t have a good plan or operate as you suggest?  You don’t get approved or you get shut down. But if … Read More

UPDATED: Scottsdale Pre-Election Campaign Finance Reports For Mayor and City Council Races

Staff Report –  Candidates for Scottsdale Mayor and City Council have started filing campaign finance reports for the October Pre-Election quarter. The reports outline candidate fundraising from October 1st through October 17th. Mayoral candidates David Ortega and Lisa Borowsky are looking to succeed term-limited Mayor Jim Lane. There are three City Council seats up for grabs. The General Election is … Read More

Special Feature: Most Read Stories From This Week

Staff Report – A recap of the top three stories on Arizona Progress & Gazette from the past week.  Disqualifying David Ortega For Mayor Now a candidate for Mayor in 2020, former Councilman and current landlord lobbyist David Ortega proclaims his regard for the Preserve, clearly one of Scottsdale’s greatest achievements. Yet, who led the opposition to the Preserve in … Read More

Thank Yous Not Mud For Scottsdale Candidates

The home stretch is always a particularly interesting time in elections.  Accusations fly and the competitive juices flow.  Yet, it should also be a time to say thank you to those who have the guts to step into the arena and serve.  To get there is not easy.  Campaigning and its consequences are like being on a thrill ride at … Read More