Guest Editorial: Trying So Hard To Look Presidential

By Alexander Lomax You’ll have to pardon my extreme cynicism when it comes to Governor Ducey’s recent visit with Florida Senator Rick Scott to the southern border to bring federal attention to (read: get national attention for) the recent uptick in migrants attempting to cross the border. After all, we were told that what we needed was a big, beautiful … Read More

Guest Editorial: Always Cover Your Flank

By Alexander Lomax A few weeks back I wrote about how Senator Kyrsten Sinema had ticked off a good portion of the Arizona Democratic electorate. Now we have an idea of how much she self-immolated with the Dem voter base. OH Predictive Insights conducted a poll recently which showed what voters thought about her. The findings? 30% of Democrats had … Read More

Guest Editorial: Helping To Avoid Heartbreak

Newest Arizona Law helps people date smarter and save them from a date with the fraud department By Valley Girl Dating during the time of advancing technology can be a challenge for most individuals to find their next whirlwind romance. But then add in the fact that anyone can sign up on dating sites, even under an alias, creates a … Read More

Guest Editorial: Another Battleground Opens Up

By Alexander Lomax ICYMI earlier this month Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick announced that she will not be running for re-election. She carved her path to Washington like numerous Arizona Democrats have: through the middle. Not one to make waves and more inclined to stick to issues closer to home rather than party-affiliated bombast, it might be easy for us in the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Passing Of The Political Baton

By Scottsdale Pinetop Seeing politicians say farewell to their political offices is not uncommon, especially nowadays. But it’s usually preceded by some ulterior motive such as political pressure, public scandal, or upset at the voting box. But for some politicians, it’s all about timing. And for longtime Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, the time is now. Last week she announced that this … Read More

Guest Editorial: Is My Arizona Getting California’ed?

By Alexander Lomax Gov. Ducey hasn’t been shy about trying to make the case that Californians should flee their state and come to Arizona. The benefit is not just natural economic stimulus, but also presumably serves to try to stem the dramatic shift of his state towards Democrats with California Republican imports who are sick of the excesses of their … Read More

Unbecoming & The World Must Be Ending

Several years ago President Trump asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to do away with tradition and the filibuster in order to get more of his priorities passed. Though surely tempted while having the power to do so McConnell resisted the request, saying it wouldn’t be good for democracy or America. Unfortunately, Scottsdale didn’t have enough Mitch McConnells this week. … Read More

Guest Editorial: 20-Somethings Take Over and Endanger The Valley?

By Gilbert Guru On Friday, March 5 Governor Doug Ducey allowed restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, bowling alleys, water parks, and bars that serve food for dine-in to immediately open at 100%. That night the crowd went wild. It was suddenly a whole new world that had not existed in about a year. The 20-somethings were out in force all over … Read More