Guest Editorial: Endorsement Announcement – Representative Joseph Chaplik supports Jan Dubauskas for Scottsdale City Council

By State Representative Joseph Chaplik

Scottsdale is a special place. Independent minded. Rugged spirit. Beautiful open spaces. Unique architecture. Great quality of life. Yet, we’re all getting fed up with certain members of the City Council and special interest groups trying to change and mold Scottsdale into the image of Phoenix – or worse – Portland and San Francisco.

We need leaders on the Scottsdale City Council that we can trust to bring conservative leadership and protect the character of Scottsdale. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Jan Dubauskas, Adam Kwasman, and Mason Gates for Scottsdale City Council.

Jan Dubauskas has proven her commitment to Scottsdale and she’s unwavering in her conservative principles. I trust her to oppose bad development, progressive policies, and the influence of special interests. She’s the voice we need on Scottsdale City Council. Please learn more about her, give her your support and consider making a donation →

Adam Kwasman is the conservative we need who I know will fight for Scottsdale and protect it from dangerous liberal policies. With crime and homelessness on the rise, we need Adam who will stand strongly against crime and will work tirelessly to keep Scottsdale a safe place for families. As a business owner himself, he knows what it’s like to run a business in Scottsdale and will implement policies that help local businesses thrive. Unsurprisingly, Adam was awarded the “Champion of Small Business” and “Hero of the Family” during his time in the legislature. Adam Kwasman is the clear battle-tested choice for Scottsdale City Council, and we must work together to help put him there. Join me, Councilmembers Littlefield and Graham in endorsing Adam Kwasman for Scottsdale City Council.

Mason Gates is the young, conservative leader that we need on the council to provide balance and represent the voices and values of Scottsdale residents. He is sharp, articulate, principled, and will bring a strong work ethic for Scottsdale. I know that Mason will work diligently to solve problems, bring a fresh perspective, and seek to represent the interests of residents above all.

This race is one of the most important that will be on the ballot this July. Let’s make sure we choose the right people.