Back To The Future

Over two decades ago you couldn’t escape local news about Maricopa County government. When it wasn’t teetering on the edge of bankruptcy it was in the crosshairs of a fierce debate over a proposed sales tax to fund a new baseball stadium for Jerry Colangelo.  Bob Mohan was making a big name for himself skewering pro-stadium politicos on KFYI and … Read More

Pretty Woman. Not So Pretty Blog

We don’t bemoan any working boy in the public affairs world.  But when an outlet proves to be as open to conversion as the Sonoran Alliance has of late on energy policy it is a bit conspicuous, if not obviously a case of promiscuous politics. You see, it was once upon a time that Sonoran Alliance talked of “crony capitalism” … Read More

Good For Goodness Sake

There are few nicer people in Scottsdale than Kathy Littlefield.  Or as irascible as Bob Littlefield.  Scottsdale should not be their guinea pig and allow Bob to serve as Mayor (he’s a longshot candidate) while Kathy serves as a Councilwoman.  The plethora of open meeting law violation possibilities and other legal problems would likely be long while civic tempers grow … Read More

It’s The Critics Who’ve Had Too Much To Drink

Old people like to drink too.  That was manifested in Scottsdale for many years at a place called Chances Are.  There it sat on Miller Road, just south of Camelback and across from a lot of residences.  It became to septuagenarians in the area what Studio 54 once was to the Big Apple. Back then we didn’t hear many complaints … Read More

Scottsdale Silliness Sequels

We have opined before that one of Scottsdale’s great strengths over the years has been an enduring, mature governing majority. While Scottsdale’s political schizophrenia often yields a Littlefield or Zraket it doesn’t usually flush sanity or common sense when decisions come to the dais. This can be difficult when neighborhood unrest is significant. But it’s in those times having a … Read More

Now That’s A Good Fit

What the Thunderbirds are to the Waste Management Phoenix Open the Charros are to Scottsdale spring training. They put on great events and raise ridiculous sums of money for local charities.  They are civic service at their best.  That’s why we were pleased to read this story recently in the Scottsdale Independent about Dennis Robbins becoming the new executive director … Read More

South Scottsdale Gets More Good News Courtesy Of Mayor Jim Lane

As we have written about before there is much to be excited about if you’re living in or focused on south Scottsdale.  From exciting new redevelopments at 64th Street and McDowell to the success of Sky Song and even a relatively new microbrewery the marketplace is abuzz about this revitalizing area.  The location is superb, proximate to recreational and transportation … Read More

Surely They Teach Logic Better In Arizona Public Schools

We believe Arizona voters should pass Governor Ducey’s landmark Proposition 123 on May 17th to settle lawsuits over the state’s K-12 public education system.  It’s a $3.5 billion injection of new money without raising taxes.  The new revenues come from future sales of state land. The measure is an impressive, bi-partisan compromise. Yet, some who have jumped on board, primarily … Read More

Is Scottsdale Out Of Big, Bold Ideas?

Arizona State University is coming to downtown Mesa, after it already helped revitalize downtown Phoenix. A big new regional park is coming to Gilbert, following the resurgence of its downtown. The expansion and enhancement of Margaret Hance Park in Phoenix is impressive. It begs the question does Scottsdale still need big ideas of its own to move the community forward?  … Read More

Littlefield The Lilliputian on Residents’ Rights

He Chuckled Like Jabba The Hut Before He Killed Citizen Rights Avid Star Wars fans will remember Jabba The Hutt’s laughter at the beginning of Return of the Jedi. That’s the way many probably feel after reading former Scottsdale City Councilman, defeated State Legislative candidate and current Scottsdale Mayoral candidate Bob Littlefield’s recent tome. After resembling Grumpy during the early … Read More