Good For Goodness Sake

There are few nicer people in Scottsdale than Kathy Littlefield.  Or as irascible as Bob Littlefield.  Scottsdale should not be their guinea pig and allow Bob to serve as Mayor (he’s a longshot candidate) while Kathy serves as a Councilwoman.  The plethora of open meeting law violation possibilities and other legal problems would likely be long while civic tempers grow short at the weirdness their ways would mean for the city.   But that doesn’t mean their collective efforts in other areas can’t be applauded.
Take what they did for the struggling residents of the Wheel Inn Ranch Trailer park.  As reported by the Scottsdale Independent the couple along with Councilman Guy Phillips and others stepped up for some people who needed it most. 
There’s a saying that goes if a tree falls in the forest will anyone hear it?  Likewise, who hears the powerless, infants to a throne, when crisis calls?  Songs of the innocent can be awfully quiet in a relocation and redevelopment dynamic like the one faced by the elderly residents of the Wheel Inn Ranch.
Fortunately, Bob and to a lesser extent Kathy took a detour from typical days when they are damning Scottsdale to help people financially denuded during their denouement.
For that they and Councilman Phillips should be applauded.  For while they are often wrong about what it takes to keep Scottsdale healthy and whole they were very right to help good people make the best of a bad situation.