Does Bob Make Kathy Wear A Berka Too?

Through three terms and twelve years on the Scottsdale City Council there stood Kathy Littlefield, next to her office holding husband Bob.  Never one to interrupt, never one to take the limelight from him.
But as Bob realized term limits were approaching in 2014 he decided he couldn’t live without a political title.  He ran for the Arizona House of Representatives.  At the same time Kathy decided to enter the Scottsdale City Council race.  The thinking went she would replace him and he would gain import anew at the State Capitol.  Power couple!
But something strange happened along the way.  Bob got trounced in the Republican primary because he’s not much of a Republican.  And Kathy won a council seat by just dozens of votes. 
Consequently, Kathy become the bell of their ball at events, cocktail parties and the like.  No one much cared what Bob had to say anymore. And it drove him crazier than he already was.  Of course the rational decision at that point is to run for . . . Mayor of Scottsdale! A husband and wife on the same council at the same time creating legal and political conflicts of interest.  What’s the big deal?!  Only Scottsdale’s reputation and taxpayer’s wallets.
The question is begged:  what kind of man can’t let his wife shine for a bit on her own, especially after she so nicely accompanied him all those years?  What happens if he loses which is very likely?  Bob will have left yet another bad taste in the mouths of voters – having already done so two years prior – creating an even greater need for Kathy’s Listerine when her re-election comes in 2018.
How sad.  How backwards.