Grumpy Wouldn’t Be Good For Scottsdale

In making our point here we certainly don’t mean to imply the Scottsdale City Council to be the Seven Dwarfs.  Indeed, many of them stand tall to make the city the envy of the country.  Many of them would be standouts on any city council.
But when Bob Littlefield served on the same City Council until being defeated several years ago as a Republican candidate for the State House of Representatives there’s no doubt he was Grumpy.    And that was OK.  Scottsdale is best served when there is a variety of opinion on the dais.
Now he wants to be Mayor.  But when it comes to being such can anyone really picture Bob Littlefield espousing at a State of the City?  Negotiating with a new company to land within our midst?  Watching Milli Vanilli at the Milan Opera House might be more likely. lg
Bob’s not just Grumpy.  He can be downright mean.  Like the time he bludgeoned local pastor Andre Wadsworth during council remarks.
It’s not that a Scottsdale Mayor shouldn’t have a temper.  Sometime one is needed to light a fire under bureaucrats or play hardball in negotiations.  But Littlefield is just so foreign to the happy warriors that have occupied the office.
Whether one agreed or disagreed with Herb Drinkwater, Mary Manross, Sam Campana or Jim Lane just to name the more recent ones they served with a smile and a sobriety, unlike Littlefield who would do so with scorn and more lubriciousness. 
When Littlefield isn’t being uncouth he’s arrogant.  At a recent council hearing he didn’t oblige the norm of giving one’s name and address during public remarks because as only Grumpy can do he bellowed out for all to hear:  “Everybody knows who I am!” Humility will not be part of the slogan on his road signs.
We don’t mean to beat up so much on Bob.  He’s that crazy uncle we all have who has a little too much to drink during the holidays and says even crazier stuff.  That’s OK when you’re one of seven on a city council.  It’s not when you’re one of one, seeking to become mayor in one of the best places anywhere.