Odds & Ends To The Week

*Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is showing a lot of resilience as he tries to become the Republican nominee in Arizona’s First Congressional District.  That’s according to a new poll out this week albeit by his own pollster.  In boxing terms we’re going to find out what kind of chin Babeu has when the pointed attacks about his private life get leveled this year.  But what’s underappreciated is what kind of outside help Babeu may get in return from socially liberal Republicans looking to install the first openly gay Republican in Congress.
*Speaking of Congress, former Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapley announced a run for seat of retiring Congressman Matt Salmon.  If Stapley won he might have the distinction of having the best (or worst) toupee in DC.
*Bob Littlefield is a bad bet for Mayor of Scottsdale.  Guy Phillips is a better bet for City Council.  Guy would be wise to be his own guy and not side-saddle with Littlefield whose collapse during his 2014 race for the Arizona House of Representatives is now part of local legend.
*Tom Simplot is amassing a formidable armada for his expected run for Phoenix Mayor in 2019.
*The over/under on Proposition 123’s “Yes” vote May 17th is 58%.
*Former Glendale Fire Chief Mark Burdick is a legitimate challenger to Glendale’s incumbent Mayor Jerry Weiers.  But the word is the Burdick camp is going through what a lot of first time candidates do:  infighting.
*Paradise Valley Councilwoman and Attorney General Senior Advisor Maria Syms is off and running for the Arizona House of Representatives.  An interesting wrinkle:  because her PV duties are all volunteer she does not have to resign her council seat, but would her role with Brnovich.
*Travis Angry is the best new name for an Arizona political candidate since Paul Newman.
*Imagine if this Arizona Alumni Association had a reunion:  Andy Thomas, Tom Horne, Ben Quayle, David Peterson, Doug Wead, John Huppenthal, Mark DiSimone and Howard Mechanic?