A Legacy of Service and Dedication to Arizona Continues for Terry Goddard

One of the positive aspects about living in an area with consistently rapid growth is that we have no shortage of new and shiny infrastructure and buildings. One of the negative aspects of it is just that: everything old is often shuttered in favor of the new and shiny. But one local icon is shifting his focus away from typical … Read More

Guest Editorial: Legal attacks on Voters’ Right to Know

By Terry Goddard It comes as no surprise that the Dark Empire has struck back against Prop 211 and Transparency in who pays for Arizona political ads with two lawsuits.  The first was filed in state court in December and the second last Friday in Federal Court.  The state plaintiffs are the Free Enterprise Club, Scott Mussi, and the Center … Read More

Elections 2022: What We Learned About Arizona Based on Proposition Votes

As the dust settles on this election, conclusions and general punditry are coming out of everywhere and anywhere. Shoot, we even did so regarding what we believe Arizonans told us about the statewide candidate campaigns. But no one is talking about the various propositions that Arizonans also voted on, so we’re here for you on that subject. 1. A Little … Read More

Bi-Partisan Coalition Denounces Governor Ducey’s Efforts To Prevent Arizonans From Voting On Anti-Dark Money Ballot Initiative

A bi-partisan coalition of Arizonans from all walks of life is speaking out against Governor Ducey’s attempts to convince the Arizona Supreme Court to invalidate hundreds of thousands of petition signatures which are in support of the anti-dark money initiative on the November ballot. Five of the seven judges on the Arizona Supreme Court are Ducey appointees. The current situation … Read More

News Conference Tuesday: Let Voters Decide Dark Money Not Governor Ducey

**News Conference** Tuesday, August 23rd 11:00am in Phoenix The Governor Wants To Take Away AZ’s Right To Vote On Anti-Dark Money Ballot Initiative A bi-partisan coalition of Arizona residents, business leaders, and political leaders will hold a news conference on Tuesday, August 23rd 11:00am at 668 North 44th Street at the Outlier Center (near 44th and Van Buren) responding to … Read More