A Scottsdale Institution Puts Insight On The Menu

Most readers have heard of or been to AZ88, a local eatery of artistic and culinary ingenuity and reliability near Scottsdale City Hall.  But during a recent visit it wasn’t either of those attributes that caught our attention.  Instead, it was an observation by the restaurant’s long-time General Manager.  When asked how business was going he said “terrific.” Why? We queried as such. … Read More

Hades on an Ice Rink: Is the Council of No Learning to Say Yes?

I know that on occasion that I can be a broken record about the need for more development, that building more will alleviate our pressing housing crisis and benefit so many. We have also been somewhat dismayed at the Scottsdale City Council’s recent inclination to get in the way of good developments moving forward; we coined the term “the Council … Read More

Scottsdale’s Election Results: What Happened and What Did We Learn?

While the eyes of most tuned-in voters have largely been transfixed towards the more big ticket races such as those for Governor and the US Senate, it is worth noting that there were a few important Scottsdale-area races for which we currently have clarification for. For starters, regular readers and those who pay attention to Scottsdale city politics know that … Read More

They’ve Played With The King! The King Charles III Salute Match featuring Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club vs. Wales Polo Team Joins the Lineup At Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships on Saturday, November 5th at WestWorld

Get Tickets Now at ThePoloParty.com Both Clubs Have King Charles As Members The 11th Annual Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships: Presented by Talking Stick Resort is pleased to announce a new match between Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club and the Wales Polo Team. The match which is now being called The King Charles III Salute Match is a salute to … Read More

Will the Scottsdale City Council Be Radicalized with a Pamela Carter Win?

As you probably know, there will be a run-off for the final seat on the Scottsdale City Council, as Solange Whitehead and Kathy Littlefield secured re-election after the first round but no candidate cleared enough votes to avoid a run-off for Linda Milhaven’s seat. We have already written about this race and the endorsements therein, but there was one development … Read More

Scottsdale, You Can Make Your Voice Heard: The 0.2% Sales Tax

We believe that an engaged and informed citizenry leads to significantly better outcomes for all of us.Regular readers know that we informed you about the public input conversations about our tourism plan. Well now you may have another chance, and this time it has to do with taxation. You may be aware of a 0.2% sales tax that was enacted … Read More

The Perils of an Unregulated STR Industry Rears its Ugly Head

We are not afraid to confront the short-term rental (STR) crisis here in Arizona. After the industry lobbied the state government heavily, the legislature essentially took away any local control and left municipalities toothless in their ability to fight back, After extensive public outcry, a partial reversal of those laws passed this past legislative session, which then prompted both Scottsdale … Read More