Guest Editorial: Year in Review

By Councilwoman Tammy Caputi Councilwoman Caputi here, wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Here’s a look back at 2022 accomplishments: Most importantly, we’ve managed our finances exceptionally well in the midst of an historically high level of economic uncertainty. Despite record high inflation, a crisis in the supply chain, and labor shortages, Scottsdale has improved our balance sheet by increasing … Read More

Pilot Fish

Barrett-Jackson is one of not only Scottsdale’s but Arizona’s best home grown success stories.  It broadcasts around the world bringing people by the thousands to a bucket list special event. It has been so successful, like a large whale swimming the seas, that it has even spawned a cottage of copy cat and pilot fish events that do little but suck … Read More

The Spirit of the Holidays is Alive and Well in Scottsdale

The holidays can often bring out the best of us, as our collective spirits look towards giving back and making the lives of others just a bit better, if only for a short time. And while politics often brings out the worst of us, when the latter can be used to bring light to the lives of others, then we … Read More

A Monumental Sustainability Vote Wraps Up a Productive Year in Scottsdale

By Councilwoman Solange Whitehead Scottsdale’s leadership in conservation is many generations long and this year has been no exception. Our City Council protected a wildlife corridor, added new parks and planted hundreds of trees, and continued a tradition of excellence with the passage of the 2021 International Green Construction, Energy Conservation, and Residential building codes. Which is a big deal … Read More

Scottsdale with Green Building Mandates? Is This the Scottsdale We Want?

Photo Credit: Rose Law GroupAhhhh, Scottsdale: the city of beautiful people, great nightlife, fantastic golf and leisure, and…strict environmental building codes. Wait, what? Yes, it is true: Scottsdale will become the first city in the state to mandate new “green building codes” to ensure more environmentally friendly materials are used, energy efficiency is emphasized, and water usage is reduced. These … Read More