Guest Editorial: My Picks for the Scottsdale Primary

By Councilwoman Betty Janik

Over the past several months, Scottsdale residents have had the opportunity to assess the agendas and goals of the candidates for City Council.  For me, the ideal candidate has actively participated in civic engagement, respects and listens to all voices, builds consensus with diverse groups, and does not shy away from compromise. The candidate has strong community ties, insight into our problems, and offers the opportunity for our city to grow in a positive direction.  Maryann McAllen has these qualities.  She is a longtime resident, served on several commissions including COS Paths and Trails, Transportation, and Parks and Recreation, as Chair of the latter. As the mother of 4 active children, she volunteered a helping hand to Scouts, Little League, Soccer, PTO’s and park and recreation activities. She has served on the boards of several charities in leadership roles. I trust her judgement. She is a true servant of our community.  For these reasons, I endorse Maryann McAllen for Scottsdale City Council.


Councilman Tom Durham is running for his second term on Council.  He brings special talents to Council.  He has demonstrated his ability to read City contracts and quickly identify inconsistencies.  He has a solid grasp of financial statements as a carryover from his career as an attorney.  A little-known fact is that he negotiated down the Optima Development Agreement by nearly 30%. As a member of the working group on STR regulations, he joined with our city staff, lobbyists, and Paradise Valley officials to craft legislation which gave Scottsdale more power over short-term rentals with the passage of Senate Bill 1168.  He continues serving as mock trial coach at a local high school. I endorse Councilman Tom Durham for reappointment to a second term.

Councilwoman Tammy Caputi is also running for re-election and has a significant lead in the polls. This is a credit to her solid campaign and dedicated supporters.  As a business owner, she represents the business/development community, which is an integral part of COS.  While I don’t agree with all of her positions, I respect her contagious optimism.

Councilmembers Tom Durham and Tammy Caputi have been endorsed by Fire and Police.


Finally, I am sending out a call to all registered voters, especially Independents. The primary is a critical step in the election cycle. Don’t miss out!! Even as an Independent, you can cast your vote for Scottsdale primary candidates by requesting a mail-in ballot by July 19 from the County Recorder.

Don’t let the vocal minority turn this into a partisan election. Let’s maintain trust in local government and in the election process.  I ask all registered voters to cast their ballots in the Primary.  Let your voices be heard.


Councilwoman Betty Janik, Scottsdale