A Big Thank You In the Wake of a Bigger Milestone: 100,000 Readers for the Year

Readers, typically we are hard at work delivering unique takes on local stories, typically around the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area but also topics that impact all of us. We very rarely take a minute for a victory lap and thank you for your readership, but sometimes the moment calls for it.

Over the weekend, the Arizona Progress & Gazette hit a monumental milestone: we have had 100,000 unique, individual readers for this year, a milestone that we have never hit before. 98% are American (and we will almost certainly reach 100K American readers by the end of the year), and 75% are Arizonans. All of this without a dollar spent advertising our work.

What started as a small blog with reasonable takes amongst highly partisan sources has grown into something truly significant; one that has had an impact on local politics and has helped sway public sentiment towards better governance. And we have all of you to thank.

You have spent over 1,642 hours reading our content this year. And this speaks more to your engagement in local issues. We take incredible pride in having a readership that cares about what’s going on in the neighborhoods, schools, and in the halls of power. 

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More than anything however, thank you. Thank you for your time, for caring, and for helping this grow into something more significant than we could have imagined.