Guest Editorial: Thanksgiving Appreciation

By Councilwoman Betty Janik To Our Scottsdale Community, Thanksgiving is time to reflect on all the things for which we are grateful.  I am grateful for the wonderful staff, hundreds of dedicated volunteers, and our thoughtful citizens. We all work together to make Scottsdale a model of excellence.   It is truly a wonderful place to live, work, raise a family, … Read More

It’s Official: Tammy Caputi Not Challenging David Ortega for Mayor

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega will be facing what could be a tough re-election campaign next year, with a number of strong known and potential candidates looking to unseat him. However his path towards re-election looks as though it will be a bit easier with a recent announcement. In a reversal from what was long rumored but ultimately found to be … Read More

Guest Editorial: Sustainability: A Guiding Light or a Boondoggle?

By Councilwoman Betty Janik The idea of Sustainability conjures up strong emotions. Those who embrace the idea view it as a way to foster environmental conditions that support current and future generations, a life saver. The naysayers think of it as a way for big brother to reduce our freedoms. Can we bridge that gap?? We just experienced the hottest … Read More

Why is Banner Health Looking to Short-Change Arizona? A Story of Zoning Chicanery

The world of zoning rules and regulations can be arcane, byzantine, and frankly…boring. That said, there are times when it truly matters, as it can impact quality of life both locally and for the entire state. A couple of recent developments demonstrate exactly how, and how some of our potential business neighbors may not be the best of neighbors. A … Read More

Is Low Growth Here to Stay in Scottsdale?

It has been no secret that the current make-up of the Scottsdale City Council has been what could be called “growth hesitant”; that there is a concerted effort to focus on what are deemed to be unimpeachably high-quality projects to the detriment of overall growth. We have labeled them “the Council of No” before, where they sometimes seem to look … Read More

Your Property Taxes are Going Up, Scottsdale. Is It Justified?

Uhh ohh Scottsdale homeowners…your taxes are about to go up. And it’s not just because your home values have risen quite a bit in value either. Indeed, your property tax rate will rise as a result of a 4-3 vote in city council, with Betty Janik against joining Barry Graham and Kathy Littlefield in forming what seems to be an … Read More

The Road Diets Debate is Getting Spicy in Scottsdale

Municipal politics is generally a practice of the mundane and the relentlessly boring for the typical outsider (and many insiders). Meetings are often inundated with procedure and are full of subjects such as zoning details; not exactly Mr. Smith Goes to Washington material. But sometimes even the mundane, such as the topic of bike lanes, can get spicy in its … Read More

Guest Editorial: Grasping for Clear Air

By Councilmember Betty Janik Recently, I received emails asking me to “reject” the Maricopa Association of Governors (MAG) recommendations on techniques to reduce ozone levels in Maricopa County.  First, what is MAG?  It is a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  By state statue MPO is the policy board created and designated to carry out the metropolitan transportation planning process including plans … Read More

Guest Editorial: Road Diets: To Be or Not to Be

By Councilwoman Betty Janik On March 21, City Council approved lane reductions (Road Diets) for 68th Street from Osborn north to Indian School. This continues to spark controversy.  Over 30 individuals spoke at the meeting representing both sides.  I have received hundreds of emails with about 85% in opposition to lane reductions. I also spoke to several icons of Scottsdale … Read More